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Scene one, scene 'em all......


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I was watching True Romance last night and was mesmerised by the scene between Dennis Hopper and Christopher Walken. It got me thinking about what were my favourite scenes in a movie. Then I thought, why not ask TWO what their fave's are. So here I go......What is your top scenes from the movies?


Aaaaannnnnddddd, what is your favourite final scenes from the movies?


Mine are:


1) The above mentioned scene. An acting masterclass.


2) Same movie, the scene between James Gandolfini and Patricia Arquette in the motel room. It is a beautiful scene, despite the violence, and Gandolfini gives a performance, in his first major role, that is touching as well as brutal.


3) The murder of Joe Pesci's character in Goodfellas. Not only the killing (Pesci's reaction to knowing this is it), but De Niro's performance when he takes the call telling him about it is IMO fabulous.


4) The scene in From Dusk Till Dawn, when it changes from a road movie to a vampire flick. I knew this was gonna happen, but my buddy, who likes movies but doesn't read up on them, or follow productions, didn't. His reaction alone when this happens always cracks me up.


5) The first sighting of the T-800 coming out of the flames in The Terminator





1) Ghost Ship - The movie is a good film, but I feel the ending is a great one.


2) In The Mouth Of Madness - Being a big fan of H.P. Lovecraft, and Edgar Allen Poe, this is one of my favourite horror films, with one of the bleakest endings around.


3) Freddy vs Jason - A good ending, iconic images and a, literal, knowing wink to the fans that "We'll be back".


4) Predator 2 - After fighting for his life against one Predator, Danny Glover watches as about a dozen appear from out of nowhere and approach. Knowing he is as good as dead he challenges them to take him. THe Predators however give him an antique gun and leave him to it. Letting the world know that they've always been here and they will always be back.


5) Terminator 3 - A brave ending that I don't think Cameron would have used. The machines get their way, the world is destroyed and Connor's mission is underway.

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One that always gets my tears jerking is when they put John Coffee in the chair ready to be executed for a crime he didnt commit and they know he didnt commit in The Green Mile. So sad I always cry at that.


Frodo leaving the Shire at the end of Return of the King with Gandalf on the ship. Also a bit of a tear jerker and Sam, Merry and Pippin have to see their friend leave forever.


When they split up Merry and Pippin as the one goes off to fight in the great war and they cry at being seperated. Also a tear jerker.


The opening scenes in SavinG private Ryan. Horrific and disturbing yet brilliant it its own way

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1) most of battle royale: the lighthouse scene is a stand out as is the scene where they wake up on the island, and the first scene with Mitsuko, and her flashback to her childhood


2) the battles in the Lotr movies


3) kill bill vol 1: House of the blue leaves fights


4) Kill bill vol 2: the cruel tutalage of Pai mei and Elle and i


5) the end of kill bill starting with the words

Freeze mommy!


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I'll keep mine brief cos otherwise I could end up writing an essay....


Its a fave beginning and a fave end.


The Start of Blade.

Couple of kids go into a underground nightclub in a slaughter house. 'Confusion' by New Order is pumping. Suddenly blood starts pouring out of the sprinklers in the ceiling and it turns out everyone bar one kid is a vampire. Looks like the kids gonna cop it when suddenly he crawls to the feet of a mysterious bloke dressed in black who promptly slaughters everyone. Ace!!!!! :devil


The ending of Shawshank Redemption

I won't reveal too much for those who haven't seen it but the last 15 odd minutes of this film are a joy to behold. First time I saw it I was awe struck. Fantastic film all round see it!!!! :thumbsup :thumbsup :worship

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The scene in Schindlers List where the German soldiers wheel out a wheel barrow of dead bodies.It is all in black and white except for the red coat of a little girl who you seen previously in the film.

It is one of the most heart wrenchin scenes i have seen.


The part in Raging Bull where De Niro beats the shit out of Joe Pesci.It is pure visceral anger being unleashed in an explosion of passion and anger.


The prison breakout in Natural Born Killers.

I just love everything about it,the way the music kicks in,the violence and especially Robert Downey jr going ****ing nuts.


The opening scene in Halloween where we see Michael killing his sister.

I just love the way it plays out nice and slow and doesn't rush like most Horror films do.


The scene at the end of M where Peter Lorre has been captured by a gang of ciminals,where we are faced with who in society is fit to judge and also are faced with the fact that he just can't stop or help doing what he does because he may or may not be insane.


The unveiling of the robot Maria in Metropolis.

The whole scene is just perfectly done.


The fight scene between Bruce Lee and Chuck Norris in Way of the Dragon.

It is just perfectly done and is definitley the best fight scene filmed.


The part in The Texas Chainsaw Massacre where they bring out granpaw.

I just love the way the part where Granpaw is trying to hold the hammer to kill our heroine.


Any scene in Caddyshack with the Gopher in it.

I love that damn thing.


The endin of Friday the 13th where we see a young Jason jump out of the lake.

It is just almost the perfect surprise ending.


The scene in Jacobs ladder where the demon comes out of the floor and starts getting jiggy with Tim Robbins wife.

It is just so ****ed up and trippy.


The opening of Apocalypse Now with the Napalm and stuff going off with The End by the Doors playing over the top.

It is just so atmospheric and is so well shot .

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Just a few to start off, cause I cant be arsed


- The MadWorld scene near the end of Donnie Darko. Have their ever been more perfect lyrics in a movie?


-The hospital scene in Spiderman (the 'what did you say about me' bit). Now, before you start, the reason I put this in is because I think its so real, and I could imagine myself saying the same thing to a certain girl. It got to the romantic in me.


-Harry unmasking Spiderman, Spiderman 2. The tension was at an absolute knifpoint. Even till the final moment I didn't think he'd actually do it. One of the few moments to ever get my adrenaline pumping. It did however, only just beat the amazing final Doc Ock/Spiderman fight.


Retun of the King - I cant remember any of the names, but If I say the bit where the horses charge in near the end, surely you know what Im talking about. A truly heart stirring moment


-The end of the Sixth sense, I dont know anyone who saw that coming. And its only when you watch it agan do you ealize how clever the film is.

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Sorry just thought of another ending!!


The Usual Suspects.

I just didn't see it coming. A true drop your bacon sandwich moment. Genius.



Totally agree with you on this one! Quite possibly one of the best endings to a film ive ever seen - see also the endings in Seven and Fight CLub!


On a related note, ive read that they are making a sequal, to star Chazz Palminteri again as the cop, searching for Keyser Soze, called appropraitaly enough 'Searching for Keyser Soze'. Be interesting viewing, but i think wont come near 'The usual Suspects'

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Most of the fights scenes and war scenes in Lord of the Rings are absolutely breathe taking. I must say that the battle of Helms Deep was probably my favourite but that was small in comparison to the war on the Palenor Fiends near Minas Tirith in Return of the King where Aragon had to recruit the help of the dead to help defeat the Hurukai and Orcs.


I have to say I cried a little when Gollum/Smeagel was killed with the Ring but also gald Mr Frodo or Samwise didnt die. i was told a main character would die in the final film and while I thought it would have been either Merry or Pippen i was rather shocked when Gollum was killed. My Precious. His voice is brilliant

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hmmmmm, gotta be


1) Illanois Nazi scene in Blues Brothers


2) Kevin Smith's Chasing Amy Speech


3) The final scene of La Haine - jusqu'a ici tous vas bien


4) The grave scene in Forrest Gump


5) The opening sketch in Now For Something Completely Different


6) The Mustang Sally scene in the Commitments

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Yeah, anything from Lord of the Rings could get into anyones favourite scene list. I personally loved the fact that Sam turned out to be the hero of the piece. Him carrying Frodo up the mountain is a damn fine moment.


Just seen Blade 2. And Im gonna add another scene top my list. When he comes out of the blood pool and starts kicking the gaurds asses. Oh man is that a good rumble. I love the fights in Blade. Such high impact. Can you blush?

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When the black mamba kills Bud in Kill Bill 2

Keanu Reeves shooting himself in the head in Devils Advocate

The killing of Sonny in The Godfather

Anything from Pirates of the Carribbean

The Ending of You've Got Mail

The ending of Donnie Darko, no matter how many times i watch it I still dont get it but its great

The ending of Basic

The ending of Sixth Sense I think I was the only person in the whole cinema to get it.

The ending of Titanic. stupidly for some reason i like this i mean we all know it sank so why like the end. (why like the film)



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the scene in kung pow enter the fist where the chinese bloke has a fight with a cow that does all the moves from the matrix, classic.


ooo that reminds me. the scene in the matrix reloaded where neo fights all the agents is great.

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