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The Meaning of Life........ Sort of


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For anyone who bothers to listen when I sound off you will know that in my opinion the greatest man to ever walk the face of the planet earth was Bill Hicks. Anyone who is even vaguely a fan of him will have heard/read this countless times...........

The world is like a ride in an amusement park. And when you choose to go on it, you think it's real because that's how powerful our minds are. And the ride goes up and down and round and round. It has thrills and chills and it's very brightly coloured and it's very loud and it's fun, for a while. Some people have been on the ride for a long time and they begin to question, is this real, or is this just a ride? And other people have remembered, and they come back to us, they say, "Hey - don't worry, don't be afraid, ever, because, this is just a ride... And we... kill those people

There are two reasons I posted this. One because no matter how much humour Hicks injected into his sour political melancholic realism, it was just that Realism. He never said a thing he didn't genuinely believe.


So, while I wanted everyone to read and ponder that thought above I also wondered whether any of you have a thought, similar, or not, a theory I suppose on life. None of us can pretend to know the meaning of life, but we can pretend to believe something which might be close.



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That is one of my favourite quotes of all time.

I cant go very long without watching or listening to Hicks.He is also in my opinion a complete legend and one the greatest men i have ever come across.

Have you ever read American Scream by Cynthia True?

It is an amazing book with a lot of info on Bill's life that i had found it hard to find before.

Like the fact that before he died he spent a lot of time watching his favourite films with his parents and re read The Two Towers because it was his favourite part of the trilogy.

I actually managed to a hold of his last show ever from E Bay.

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It was his statements about all life being energy and interconnected that really blew my mind. :worship


I don't have any religious beliefs which left me with the rather grim outlook of an infinity of nothingness so this opened my eyes to a whole new way of thinking.


My lack of religious beliefs and my outlook on death have always meant that the meaning of life revolves around today. I take each day as it comes and try to enjoy the little moments that life throws your way. There's no point in getting too down about things when time wise your gonna spend infinity as nothingness. (very bleak I know). I should point out that I don't go round with a smile plastered on my face I just do my own thing, chill and don't get too down when life kicks up a stinker. My meaning of life: To live it and enjoy it when you can. :)

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Speaking of his death - he got scared and lapsed back into Christianity. It's all well and good spouting this torrent of opinion but he wasn't able to back it up when his balls were against the wall.


BTW: I thought his monologues were fantastic. Just saying he was only human, is all.

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Speaking of his death - he got scared and lapsed back into Christianity. It's all well and good spouting this torrent of opinion but he wasn't able to back it up when his balls were against the wall.


BTW: I thought his monologues were fantastic. Just saying he was only human, is all.


He never said he didn't believe in god.It was religious nuts and the way the church functions in general.


To clear that up though he didn't relapse or anything like it.

I am pretty sure thats just shit like when people said that Darwin did the same.

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The meaning of life?


Look after your money and it will look after you but it doesn't ever buy happiness... That is gained through your own actions and beliefs. Treat everyone regradless of creed, colour and sex exactly the same way you wish to be treated and it should be returned execpt some people are tossers therefore have no feeling...


How do you deal with these people? Simple, see them as the poor misguided souls that they are and pity them for in their dark and dim stupity they risk cutting short a deluge of great events that come from just simple politeness!


Call a spade a spade and a shovel a shovel, honesty is the key and remember that love however painful and trivial it can seem is the only real time you know that you are alive. Compare it to the times you are without it and you will believe this too....


Today is today, tomorrow is tomorrow and yesterday? The people who long for yesterday are those that live in doubt, regret and fear.


Just a few things I think life is about.

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I've actually never heard of this guy before, but he sounds like a really interesting dude.


I have a few takes on life of my own, I dont expect anyone else to swear by them, its just how I see things.


Stop worrying about what happens after you die, and you'll live a bit more. You cant be anything but yourself, and apparently 'he' knows that. So no matter how often you visit a building or pray to however the hell you pray to, your going to the same place. And if you really worry about it, and feel the need to get things straight with the guy upstairs? Well, thats what deathbeds are for.


We're all born, and we all die. Thats the only constant in life and death. It doesn't matter what you do in the meantime, because no matter how important you are, there will come a time when nobody remembers who the hell you are. If anyone tries to tell you their more important than you, just remember that. So whats the point to life? Well there isn't one. The only thing we know for sure is that we only get one shot at it. So just try and enjoy yourself. Thers nothing worse than regret.

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Sorry WS but there is a point to life otherwise existence would be pointless.

Death is part of life for each of us and our own mortality is our own personal quest.

The point of existence is to realise it is not how much you love, but how much you are loved that matters.

You get the love you allow, simple and true.


There are too many times in my life when I have realised my own importance in the scheme of things, when my parents were divorced and my whole family was one big open wound, as it was 1984 and divorce was still scorned by Catholics and as my hole family are Catholics some staunch it was left to me a 14 year old boy to talk sense to the "elders" in my family.


It is my whole hearted belief that death is not the end but the beginning of another life, and it is only painful for those who remain, and that we are here to learn lessons from one another about love and life, if you have not learned all your lessons then you return in another time and another mortal coil with those who you need to learn more about, in order to find peace.


I spend most of my life acting as peacemaker with family and friends who cannot see eye to eye about things and I ask them if they want to spend eternity arguing about who is right or wrong, and if so then leave me out of it, because I have no intention of coming back again, unless absolutely necessary.


We all remember when Glenn Hoddle spoke about people who are disabled being born that way to pay off Karmic Debt, well that is not 100% accurate but the theory is not so far from the truth as I see it(IMO).


The way I see it is this, great good people like Mother Theresa or Ghandi, Martin Luther King etc, would understand intuitively the pain of other because they suffered hardship themselves, if when they "died" they where offered the chance to come back as a blind or otherwise disabled person, in exchange for more "merit" I think they would take the opportunity, I see all life and death as a question of choices and options, some nice and some not so nice, but most people I have met who have some form of disability are beautiful human beings, that is why I think they have chosen the form they stand in, in order to become better souls.


It is not really about Karmic Debt but there is an element of truth in it.


We do not remember where we were before we were born and we do not remember when we last died because if we did and we realised how much Karmic Debt we had we want to end this life here and it would be another wasted chance to "grow".


I mean imagine if you were Hitler for instance in your last incarnation, would you want to know that?

The problem however that I have with this theory is everyone who beleives this has been someone famous before, like "Yes, I was Henry the 8Th or Anne Boleyn." No one was Betty Tartop from Wigan who was a charlady in a rich mans house.

I think there needs to be more honesty about these things and not as much fear surrounding death and life.


I do think that reincarnation is the truth as there are many reported cases of it throughout the world, where young children who have no idea about conning people or deceiving people, have claimed to be other people from other times, and have backed it up by telling others who is whom and where such and such a thing is.



Student of Socrates in a Past Life

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Alright. Thats a great, optimistic view to have. And I for one wish I saw things that way. But lately Ive been looking at thing a from a larger and larger perspective. There will come a time when this planet ceases to exist. There will even come a time when everything in the whole universe is completely changed, maybe even destroyed. (I havent got into the metaphysical side just the physical side) Thats a fact. So ive been wondering what the hells the point in any of us doing anything? Because as Linkin park said: In the end, it doen't even matter. The sad fact is, there is no reason whatsoever for us to be here. An our lives are so short it doesn't really give us much time to do anything anyway. IMO, (opinion being the million pound word before anyone takes a swipe) people who believe that there is more to life, are simply blinded from this fact, or simply dont want to see it. This meaningless scares me. It really does. No ones going to remember me in the long run. At the end of the day it may as well have been as if life never evolved on this planet, or any other for that matter. But theres nothing we can do about it. So Im going to make sure I leave nothing undone when die. Because Ive come to the conclusion that life is meaningless unless you enjoy it. You can shove money and fame up your ass. There more important things I have to do.



Just had an epiphany.

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I've had this notion in my head for a long time but most of my friends don't get what I'm trying to say. I hope the TWO faithful do. If not I apologise for wastin' your time.


Is there an afterlife? If there isn't an afterlife, if this is all we have then life itself IMO is pointless in the extreme. If all we ever do is be born, live and then die. Why bother?


That would mean that no matter what we did in life we all end up the same. You could do what you want to anyone cos there would be no ultimate consequrences. I could kill someone today, (don't worry, I won't), and what difference would it ultimately make? The person I killed was gonna die at some poiunt anyway, I am going to die at some point. So if what I do in this life has no real cosequence, then what really is the point. If we are really only born to die, why bother. All we are ultimately destined to do is cause people we care about grief, and then they too will die. If there really is nothing to look forward to afetr we die, what is the point of good and evil. They both end up at the same road. If there is no afterlife then Adolf Hitler and Mother Theresa both have the same consequences from living their life differently. Why bother sacrificing your time or money or wellbeing for others if their is no ultimate reward for it?


I actually do believe in an afterlife, but I do wonder sometimes. If there is no God, (in whatever guise He/She takes), what really created everything. Our human minds need a reason for things. Such as what made the planets and the answer is gases liquified and hardened making the planets. Then we ask, what made the gases, and they answer The Big Bang. Then we ask what created the Big Bang? God knows, no pun intended. But something must,ve been there to make it. And if God does exist, who created God? And who created them? And so forth.


Maybe we are alone, maybe life on our planet is just a cosmic accident. I hope not.


If there is nothing for us after this world then you, me Hitler, Mother Theresa and *cough* Mr. McMahon, we're all the same and none of us will ever really matter.


I hope I'm right, and there is something for us after this. If not, the words "Dust to Dust" couldn't be mor apt.


Sorry for going on, sorry for being long winded, but this is something I hold close and wanted to share with people that maybe know what I'm on about, and I feel can respond too.


lol HDC

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Draven Cage, we all wish for immortality, yet the irony is we have it, but we have it in a way that as human flesh and blood we have no concept of it.


A television has many frequencies flowing through it in order to get BBC1,2 ITV CH4 and 5 on it, if you turn BBC1 on does Ch4 disappear, no it is still in the memory of the TV, we "die" and become BBC2 whilst those who remember us remember us as BBC2 even though they are on CH4.


We live to understand the complexity of Love, and for no other reason, when people have children they say " I now know why I was born" to give and recieve Love.


If a lowly caterpiller can become a beautiful butterfly, what do we become?

If the Teretopsis Nutrepuna Jellyfish can rejuvenate it's life after it breeds.( It becomes it's own larval stage again) then what can we rejuvenate?


What indeed are ghosts and there is plenty of evidence for their existence, who do mediums actually speak to?


The physical breathing part of life is one single part, it is Love that keeps us living in the truest sense. With or without a physical presence.


There is no punishment after death other than to return to Earth and say in the case of Hitler, to have to live in fear and with the weight of other peoples prejudices upon your shoulders, in order for you to learn the pain and suffering you caused to other souls. If you are lucky like me, then you have (as John Lennon would have put it) Instant Karma, then for every bad deed you do you are punished straight away, here on Earth, if not you will go on and on and on making the same mistakes until the Earth itself becomes Hell-like and you live on the planet afraid.


It is like being kept back a year at school on a cosmic scale.


If the afterlife were simple and easy to understand it would be the most boring place to spend eternity at.


This planet alone is full of mystery, simple questions like, Why is the sky blue? and the grass green? To Why are we here and how long have we been here? Or are there others like us out there?


Maybe Humans have always been humans and we have traversed the Universe since time immemorial from different planets, and when we destroy one planet we move on to another and so on ad infinitum. Maybe God just creates our souls and it is our own freewill and nature to become physical, maybe even our physical bodies are nothing more than extremely advanced space suits that allow us to live on terrestrial planets, because it seem just to coincidental for us just to have evolved perfectly adapted for Earth(and I do not beleive in coincidence)I mean what happened to the first fish to leave the sea it died and then it's offspring according to theory gained lungs, well why are Ceolcanths(lung fish) still around?It leads me to think that it is plausible that we are possibly Universal nomads traversing the Galaxies in order to learn all we can about who we are, and we have been doing it for so long we have forgotten why we started out.


You only have to look at "civilised society" today, what was the intial impetus for us becoming societal and even if you know that, what was the initial end product supposed to be? To become "civilised"? Well we did that 100 years ago when a lot of the good things in this country were implemented, yet still we progress towards what?



Why? Still asking that Question.

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Becausethe earth's atmosphere acts as a filter causing the ions to shine blue. :)



Donnie: Why are you wearing that rabbit suit?


Frank: Why are you wearing that man-suit?



Thanks dude but I knew that, that is why I put it in my simple questions pile.lol

But good to know soeone else knows too.




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