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Badger Badger Badger


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Yeah I have to say that Christof Schweinenberger Bierhoff, and Trash "don't call me salad fingers" Mania are in my opinion the two most under rated guys on these boards.


Sometims they even get stick for having a sense of humour and bringing a little light hearted fun on here.


You two guys have me in stitches constantly and the world would be a worse place without you.

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Its just my philosophy in life, have a bit of fun and don't take life or yourself too seriosuly.


if you can make one person laugh then you have a gift, I seem to be able to make people giggle so why not share it with you guys, I enjoy it, you guys get a little giggle and it lightens your day

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Footy Footy Footy I Footy Love that.


Badgers wearing human clothes instead of badger clothes.


Tickles me anyway.


Christof and all the guys with humour you got my vote and you have earned 10 rep points from me keep them safe and add the to your TWO total please do.Davros this means you too.



Footy Reperee

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