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Byte This Gets Injected With ECW (the roster shoots)

Dead Crow

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From WrestlingObserver.com...

WWE Byte This on ECW with Heyman

by Harrison Hewitt


You've got to listen to the Byte This episode from earlier tonight. Paul Heyman was in studio, and you had Bubba Ray Dudley, Tazz, TommyDreamer, RVD, and Rey Mysterio all phoning in.


This was not the usual kayfabe radio show WWE does; this was a great show. Heyman talks about him being on the WWE payroll for the first time publically, TNA and how Jerry Jarrett is a conman, and tons of great inside stuff; Tazz talks about how he doesn't like the title to the ECW DVD and how the Tazz with one "z" would have been fired from WWE 5 years ago; RVD talks about being restricted in in the WWE today; Dreamer jokes about not being able to get a job on the roster, and we also have the return of Beulah McGillicutty over the phone; and Rey Mysterio talks about how WWE is mismanaging the cruiserweight division, and says if an ECW was around today he would join them in a second

Sounds like a good show :)
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i watched the webcast live, its truly the best thing byte this has everdone, Josh Matthews just looked in awe of what Heyman was tellin him, it was truly top notch.....plus he made mark lloyd leave 2 minutes into the broadcast, which is always funny, i seriously recomend watchin it, especially with it bein free an available for eer and ever
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