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Christmas Traditions


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Just wondering with the big day looming if people had any particular christmas traditions that they do without fail.


Up until last year when my grandad passed away I always used to buy him as a special extra a massive big box of his favourite toffees from Thorntons that he loved. I then used to make fun all christmas joking with him what a treat it was to get them from me and how he should frame them etc. I miss that, i do it for my nan now since I used to get her something different but i still have a laugh with her.


And every year for the past 8 years me and my dad have always gone to Wolverhampton for some last minute shopping on Christmas Eve morning. There just something special about it, the entire day, you know Chrimbo is tomorrow and theres usually a chill about and a fair amount of frost. The past 2 years my mom has come along with us. We start the day in British Homestores for a nice cooked breakfast before popping down in the Mander Center for some christmas pressies for other people before taking a quick breather for a cup of coffee and continuing the shopping for ourselves and each other. at about 2 or 3 when we've got everything we usually get a cup of coffee and a hotdog on the way too the car. Seeing as its so cold usually its best to cram the hotdog with so much mustard you can feel it unblocking your nose. Lovely. Then its back to my nans, where we show some of the stuff while the suprises my mom and dad have got me and my sister disappear miracoulasly not to reappear until the following morning in some rather nice wrapping paper. I actually prefer Chrimbo Eve shopping to Chrimbo Day.

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Its great when you have memories like that of your grandad fletch, Nice to remember.

I have the religious christmas tradition of chritmas mass before I even begin to think of the commercial side of things. Every year since I was born I have attended christmas mass, when I was younger I used to enjoy it for the chance to stay up late whilst all my mates were in bed waiting for Santa, or maybe because I was hoping someday I might see him. Then I lost the innocence and gained a concience and realised what christmas was really about. I am so glad I did. After that it was home to have hot chocolate and talk about who we miss at christmas. I would love to take my children to church for mass but my husband isnt catholic so he doesnt agree with me forcing my religion on them, so maybe one day I will get them to mass to truly value what it really means.



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Christmas traditions?

Well what I enjoy every year is Christmas Eve. It rules for a number of reasons.

Me and my Dad running round B.H.S in the evening trying to decide the best present for my Mum, somehow we always end up in the slippers and dressing gowns isle.

That will have to be strictly off limits this year.

Then I love coming home to the smell of my Mum's home-made mulled wine *spell*?.

Then I love being Father Christmas and delivering and receiving with a bag presents to my best friends. Normally on Christmas Eve during the day I'll go round to a mates where his mum will cook for us and we can muck about next to the tree or play whatever games on the PS2 we think will start collecting dust come tomorrow. Last year we all made ourselves on Smackdown HCTP and knocked each other out on the game. All in the spirit of Christmas. Good fun.

Boxing Day we usually enjoy another large meal. Almost Christmas dinner standard, with more family. Followed by a few rounds of drink and watching a new DVD or whatever film they decide to show on TV, as long as it isn't The Mummy again.

They can show Home Alone! That film owns.

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