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10,21 and 53


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:xyx ;) :D :) :P :lol :worship :oops


Thanks Folks


After 1021 posts including this one, Spiritchaser has reached the 50 rep point limit, in fact I have 53 now. :thumbsup


As Kam has so kindly made it possible to see the last ten folks who repped me I will list them here and thank them for their points, which show that I am doing a good thing sometimes. lol


Alan took me over the fifty point mark with his point for The Want Head Thread.

Christof gave me a point for the I absolutely Love thread

Davros repped me for the Atlantis thread

Even my old friend Bibster Jack repped me for Rep Point Hall of Fame thread

BRM gave freely for the Clocks thread and I became a Time Lord

Dear Boyo handed me a point for my comments in the Smoking Ban thread

SCSteveAustin helped out for my Gigging/Bleeding thread

The thread Forum Rules and the Law of TWO saw K.J. pass a point to me

and 2 folks namely peoples eyebrow and E2K repped me for the Workers to Strike Thread.


Thank You all guys and girls and for the rest of the TWOites for making this the best forum online, in my humble opinion.



Will Be Famous Soon Enough

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fairplay old man, still, long way to go til you get to 74 ;)


I'm surprised actually that I'd not given you one in there. I'm sure I remember giving you one at some point, maybe it was before that, or maybe I'm just wrong and am getting you confused with someone else equally thought provoking

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Well little ol' me stuck on a mighty 12 points congratulates you. :worship


All of them well deserved!!


You don't have a couple spare do you that you don't need any more do you??


You know, the odd point thats just been collecting dust in the loft somewhere and hasn't been used for a while?


I'll give you a good price for it I swear!!


I can give it a new home, polish it up a bit. Maybe get a proper restorer to have a look at it, those guys the antiques roadshow go on about.


Please someone give us a point. WAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!


:P :P


Seriously though. Good on ya Spirit. Looking forward to reading the next fifty point earning posts. :xyx

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