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Best of 2004?


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Where to begin -


FCW Title being announced

Spud returning better than ever

Jonny Storm back in FCW in April

Devils Advocate v Party Boyz v Swift Justice - April - Got to be one of my favourites

Laken v Celt - Both Matches

6 Way Match for The Title in June

Robbie Brookside :D:D

Baggeridge Full to the Brim

Super Dragon (his entrance everything)

All Colt Cabana Matches (esp against Kev)

The Whole Tag Division in FCW

Ladder Match

Tables! (I still can't believe my shock when BBS went through the table)

The Debut of Zoel Power (~~)

Chris Hero against Morales


and up to now my final bits got to be


D'Lo Brown!!! (and JOEL SCREWED D'LO!!!!!!!!)


I'm sure I will want to add to this after Sunday and next month. What a year, so glad I found FCW!

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So many to choose, but I think Celt v Laken in the tournament final is the most special for me. Both men busted their asses in that match, and the inaugeration of a title into FCW was a step in the right direction to the next level. Definately a special moment in FCW history.
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* Spud coming back from injury and 10 times better

* Spud vs Majik Feud

* Title Tournament

* Tag Team Feud starting in April

* 6Way Title Match with Rob Hunter winning the FCW Title

* Morales Turning Heel

* Laken Winning the FCW Title

* Debuts of Chris Hero, Colt Cabana, Super Dragon, D-Lo Brown


BRAWL 4-Life

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