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You are an utter disgrace.


How you can go off all barrels against the FWA and then book Kid Krazy and Mike Musso is beyond me. There are so many other wrestlers you could have used.


Oh and McKay...


You can't work a decent show, but you'll do everything you can to work with KK....you're backyard and you're a disgrace.

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Guest aaron_spencer

kenny what are you saying??


you saying our sho sucks? are you saying we are backyard? are you saying mckay, scully, krazy and musso are crap?


have you seen the show? no you havent it was a damn good show, the tv compnt were super impressed, and will be back on may 4th to film us again.


krazy, musso, mckay and scully have a oppertunity to work every bxw show. we are giving them all a chance and krazy and musso have nbeen told to pack up the backyard and turn pro with us, just spoke to iceman who's pc is broken, he said if the 4 lads made there way to newcastle for the show he would drive them the rest of the way, we offering them all a chance and last night kid krazy stated he is turning pro with us and turning is back on backyard.



kenny we had a great shot of a krazy t shirt, where he held it up for the tv cameras and it was taking the pi*s out of SCW and you. i cant wait to see that on tv.


any i am doing a show review and 172 paying tickets made last nights show a success and we return to nottingham on may 4th. kenny when are you promoting again? i think your a one shot deal and have a bigger head than before. the 4 way was a excellent match and you will all have the oppertunitty to buy a tape of it. rob mckay wouldnt travel 50 mile for the scw show, but friday night he travelled over 500 miles with scully, musso and krazy and all 4 lads made a great impact and everyone was impressed.


kenny dont cry your shows memories live on, say what you want its jelousy, we made IT and you DIDNT.


isaac cant post today as he has pc problems. but he did tell me to put his mobile on the net so if you want to say something you can ring him on [edited]




Information such as personal phone numbers should not be posted on the forums

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I told Musso and KK to kick backyard also....are you saying they've suddenly sold out??? Hmmm, what would all the Juggalos think...it's pathetic.


How interesting that Kid Krazy takes the piddle out of me and SCW from 500 miles away...


As I've said elsewhere, what is it with British wrestling and the proliferation of idiots??? For years fans wanted a Scottish promotion and Scottish wrestlers, suddenly they have one and a braindead idiot like Kid Krazy decides he wants to be against it. The only reason KK is anti-SCW is because he knows he's talentless and is going for cheap heat.


You've made it???? You told me you'd piss 200, yet you get 172...even though wrestlinginbritain are saying you only got 120.


"Have I see the show" - Oh and you're going to agree that it's crap, you're going to admit you used backyarders aren't you. You can spin it all you want, but you have just told EVERYONE that backyard is okay and that you don't actually need proper training.


Well done Aaron, well bloody done!


Why the hell would I phone Isaac???? Like I actually believed you wouldn't use KK and Musso. In fact, why would I care about what happens 500 miles from me??? Or care about an anti-SCW campaign miles from where I'll ever run a show? What I care about is UK wrestling, it's that simple.


SCW will have more shows, I guarantee it...but i'm not going to book a show just to shut you up.

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