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You perfect CD - 20 Tracks


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Your perfect CD - 20 Tracks


A pretty pointless thread maybe, as it's now posible to get all your favourites on on ipod or mp3 player. But if you could put any 20 songs on a CD, from any period in time, what would they be? To get things kicking, heres mine:


1)Losin my religion - REM

2)With or Without you - U2

3)My Sacrifice - Creed

4)Stan - Eminem

5)The Scientist - Coldplay

6)Hero - Chad Kreuger and that other guy

7)Beautiful Day - U2

8)Bitter sweet symphony - The Verve

9)In the End - Linkin Park

10)Trouble - Coldplay

11)Numb - Linkin Park

12)Wherever you will go - The Calling (dont even start)

13)Take me out - Franz Ferdinand

14)Under the Bridge - RHCP

15)All my Life - Foo Fighters

16)Califaornication - RHCP

17)Times like these - Foo Fighters

18) By The Way - RHCP

19) Time of your Life - Greenday

20) Babylon - David Gray

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its josey scott that sings on hero dude




1) F*ck the World - ICP

2) Indigo Flow - Limp Bizkit

3) Poison Well - Insolence

4) Trip With Jesus - Union Underground

5) If I Had A Million Dollars - Barenaked Ladies

6) 3AM - Matchbox 20

7) Hand In My Pocket - Alanis Morrisette

8) Alberta - Eric Clapton

9) Old Red Eyes - Beautiful South

10) My Own Worst Enemy - Lit

11) A Song For Everyone - Fenix TX

12) Stupify - Disturbed

13) Ante Up - MOP

14) Come With Me - Puff Daddy

15) Without Me - Eminem

16) Your Mothers got a Penis - Goldie Lookin Chain

17) Headstrong - TrapT

18) Again & Again - Taproot

19) Boom Boom - John Lee Hooker

20) THINK - Aretha Franklin


ok my msic taste is stupid

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1. Questions by Hometown Hero

2. Superstar by Saliva

3. Eyes Wired Shut by Edgewater

4. Clocks by Coldplay

5. Chocolate by Snow Patrol

6. Everybodys Changing by Keane

7. The Boxer by Paul Simon and Art Garfunkel

8. Suspicious Minds by Elvis Presley

9. Stronger by Britney Spears

10. Broken by Seether and Amy Lee

11. Close yet Far by cKy

12. Funeral of Hearts by HIM

13. Get it Faster by Jimmy Eat World

14. Control by Puddle of Mudd

15. Re-arraranged by Limp Bizkit

16. Sold Me by Seether

17. Liberate by Disturbed

18. Price to Pay by Stain'D

19. Express Yourself by NWA

20. Jungle Boogie by Kool and the Gang



Some strange pics indeed, but best to end it all on a high with Jungle boogie, always makes me smile when i hear it. Britney Spears it was a tossup between Stronger and Born to make You Happy. While Im very much into my Nu metal/Rap metal I stil find time to enjoy Britneys music and of course the greatest of all time, Elvis and some of my own personal favs, Simon and Garfunkel, the Boxer is a superb song I cant ever get tired of hearing. Some tracks close to getting in were Lonely Road of Faith by Kid Rock, anything by TRUSTcompany, some of the ICP stuff I have, or anything by Union Underground or Sevendust, or even Cold

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Ok hard for me to do this without giving it loads of careful thought but I'm gonna try anyway. If you asked me the same question tomorrow I'd give you a different answer and the order would be different etc but here's a stab at it without any thought or planning.


1. Pearl Jam - Indifference

2. Kyuss - One Inch Man

3. Soundgarden - Fell on Black Days

4. Alice in Chains - Would

5. Bush - Comedown

6. Pantera - Mouth for War

7. Korn - Faget

8. Evanescance - My Immortal

9. Portishead - Roads

10. Pearl Jam - Black

11. Tracy Chapman - Fast Car

12. Talk Talk - It's my life

13. DJ Kool - Let Me Clear My Throat

14. Salt n Pepa - Push It

15. Creed - Higher

16. Staind - Outside

17. Wu Tang Clan - Method Man

18. Naughty By Nature - It's on

19. Kyuss - Asteroid

20. Pantera - Planet Caravan

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1.Lunchbox-Marilyn Manson

2.Negasonic Teenage Warhead-Monster Magnet

3.Coma America-Amen

4.Nobodys Real-Powerman 5000

5.Celebrate Your Mother-The Eighties Matchbox B-Line Disaster

6.Wasted-Beautiful Creatures


8.The Only-Static-X

9.Dead Skin Mask-Slayer

10.Super-Charger Heaven-White Zombie

11.19 Witches-Monster Magnet

12.New Born-Muse

13.Tear Away-Drowning Pool

14.Bad Idea-'A'

15.The Awnser To Why I Hate You-Symposium

16.Valley Girl Ventriloquist-Dog Fashion Disco

17.Dogma-Marilyn Manson

18.Bride Of Frankenstein-The Frankenstein Drag Queens From The Planet 13

19.Mouth For War-Pantera

20.Desend The Shades Of Night-Machine Head

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Much like Jayden, a random listing that would change daily...


1) Lostprophets - "Fake Sound Of Progress"

2) Korn - "Lost"

3) The Cure - "In Between Days"

4) Murderdolls - "Crash Crash"

5) Def Leppard - "Make Love Like A Man"

6) REM - "Fire"

7) New Order - "Blue Monday"

8) Dead Or Alive - "You Spin Me Right Round"

9) Led Zeppelin - "Stairway To Heaven"

10) Talking Heads - "Once In A Lifetime"

11) Rage Against The Machine - "Vietnow"

12) Zakk Wylde's Black Label Society - "Demise Of Sanity"

13) Marilyn Manson - "The Love Song"

14) Soil - "Halo"

15) Outkast - "Ghettomusick"

16) Prodigy - "No Good"

17) Phil Collins - "Easy Lover"

18) Nine Inch Nails - "Chaos"

19) Alice Cooper - "Hey Stoopid"

20) Metallica - "Until It Sleeps"

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1) Guns n Roses: You Could Be Mine

2) Evanescense: My Immortal

3) Green Day: Good Riddance

4) The Devlins: Crossing The River

5) U2: One

6) U2: With or Without You

7) Sunny Day Real Estate: 8

8) Scissor Sisters: Take Your Mama

9) Metallica: Enter Sandman

10) Metallica: Wherever I Roam

11) Drowning Pool: Think

12) HIM: Solitary Man

13) Guns N Roses: Welcome To The Jungle

14) Guns N Roses: Don't Cry(ORIG)

15) Rolling Stones: Sympathy For The Devil

16) Bon Jovi: Livin' On A Prayer

17) Marilyn Manson: Long Hard Road To Hell#

18) Semisonic: Gone To The Movies

19) Embrace: Gravity

20) Offspring: Self Esteem


These are just off the top of my head just now, but like everyone else, it could change daily.

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What record is "Fire" off Mitch? I can't think of it and I'm quite embarrassed. The only early R.E.M. album I don't have is Reckoning.


Anyways, my list, in no particular order and also subject to change.


Jeff Buckley - Hallelujah

The Cure - In Between Days

The Smiths - How Soon is Now?

Joy Division - Twenty Four Hours

Radiohead - Fake Plastic Trees

Stone Roses - Made of Stone

Manic Street Prechers - Motorcycle Emptiness

R.E.M. - Cuyahoga

Oasis - Live Forever

The Smiths - The Boy With The Thorn in His Side

Pixies - Debaser

Muse - Plug in Baby

The Cure - Pictures of You

New Order - Temptation

Radiohead - Let Down

Pixies - Where is My Mind?

PJ Harvey feat. Thom Yorke - This Mess We're In

Manic Street Preachers - IfWhiteAmericaToldTheTruthForOneDayIt'sWorldWouldFallApart

R.E.M. - It's The End of the World As We Know It (And I Feel Fine)

The Beatles - Eleanor Rigby

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This is actually one i am making right now.

It's actually 26 tracks but **** it i cant be bothered making up a random one right now.

By the way Jayden love the tracks except Evanescance,Creed and Staind.


1.)Suedehead - Morrissey.

2.)I'm waiting for the man - The Velvet Underground and Nico.

3.)Here comes your man - The Pixies.

4.)Back from somewhere - Husker Du.

5.)Love und romance - The Slits.

6.)I am a cliche - X Ray Spex.

7.)Mongloid - Devo.

8.)At home he's a tourist - Gang of Four.

9.)Hate & War - The Clash.

10)Rip her to shreds - Blondie.

11.)Wont get fooled again - The Who.

12.)Cold Turkey - John Lennon.

13.)Cortez the killer - Neil Young.

14.)A satisfied mind - Johnny Cash.

15.)Thats the way - Led Zeppelin.

16.)Sarah version 2 - Thin Lizzy.

17.)Planet Caravan - Black Sabbath.

18.)Down in the park - Gary Numan.

19.)Half a world away - REM.

20.)Unlovable - The Smiths.

21.)Last Goodbye - Jeff Buckley.

22.)Mayonaise - The Smashing Pumpkins.

23.)No rain - Blind Melon.

24.)Given to fly - Pearl Jam.

25.)Talk show host - Radiohead.

26.)Roads(live) - Portishead

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This is mine...


1. Thunder - Higher Ground

2. Sam & Dave - Soul Man

3. Talking Heads - Psycho Killer

4. AC/DC - Rock n' Roll Damnation

5. Iron Maiden - Number Of The Beast

6. Patti Smith - Horses

7. Alice Cooper - I Love The Dead

8. Neil Young - Like A Hurricane

9. Screaming Trees - Dying Days

10. Public Image Limited - Rise

11. Del Amitri - Whiskey Remorse

12. Bob Dylan - The Hurricane

13. Eagles - Hotel California

14. Bon Jovi - Dry County

15. Travis - All I Wanna Do Is Rock

16. U2 - Bullet The Blue Sky

17. Distillers - The Hunger

18. The Foundations - Build Me Up Buttercup

19. Mark Germino - Rex Bob Lowenstein

20. Van Halen - Jump

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This list for me changes on a daily basis so I will try and chuck in the majority of songs that would nearly always be there


REM - Radio Free Europe (original hib-tone single)

Jimmy Eat World - Faster

Ben Folds Five - Philosophy

Our Lady Peace - 4am

Stereophonics - Stopped to Fill My Car Up

Muse - Hysteria

Barenaked Ladies - Brian Wilson

Weezer - Buddy Holly

Blink 182 - What's my Age Again?

REM - Leave

REM - What's the Frequency Kenneth?

The Killers - Mr Brightside

The Undertones - Teenage Kicks

Bush - Glycerine

Led Zeppelin - Stairway to Heaven

Ocean Colour Scene - Hundred Mile High City

Counting Crows - Have You Seen me Lately? (acoustic)

Embrace - Come Back To What You Know

Soulwax - Too Many DJ's

The Beach Boy's - Wouldn't It Be Nice


Actually that looks like a really good CD, may have to go make that!

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Indeed Sir' date=' even if back into yor system flopped majorly.....which i liked, but whatever[/quote']


Man I loved Back Into Your System, it was a lot more emotional and lyric driven than Every Six Seconds which I also loved. Rest In Pieces is definetly the greatest alternative love song ever made. Superstar 2 was amazingly brilliant, but then again so was Superstar. i got Survival of the Sickest recently and its a pile of garbage compaired to the previous two albums and god knows where I can get my hands on a copy of Saliva-Saliva. Only place I can get it from have none, so technically i cant get it from there

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