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Battle Rap Challlenge


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Fagan316? so who heard of that?

I'm digging cheap and calling your Momma fat

You think that's lame, my insult is too weak?

I'm just warming up, with my lyrical speak

You're a freak, you're weak, past your peak

Your style's so old it's a frigging antique

You think it's going on? You know you got issues

Pathetic chump in your room with a box of tissues

For your special friend, choking your chicken

What's that? You Noticed? It's your ass I'm kickin

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Lets make this clear Coz The Champ IS HERE

I'll do what HHH did to Foley as I end your career

Give this chump a Stunner then grab myself a beer

This is my yard so watch where your stepping

This aint battle royale so my lyrics are my weapon

I'll hit you with more combos than a game of Tekken

If Two released wack members you'd end up like Test

Face it jayden your not on my level I'm the Best

I drop Rhymes your verses are lyrical crimes

You just got served your ass is mine




OK first to 3 votes

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Nicely stolen rap by Fagan' date=' so JAYDEN gets my vote[/quote']


If that's the case then my vote is withdrawn.


Readit again and there's nothing there that stands out as the sort of thing you'd bite off someone. This needs proof, Fletch

Edited by A.C.
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Well, not really, as it stands it's 1-1, f2k voted for me. He doesn't need to back it up in terms of his vote, but if he wants it to influence others votes then sure, he needs to back it up.


Now, it could become 2-0 to Fagan if f2k comes back and changes his vote, it could become 0-1 or 0-2 to me if f2k comes back and proves that it was copied, and AC changes his vote so it all depends.


but 1-1 as it stands, AC for Fagan, f2k for me

Edited by Jayden
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