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I don't suppose you caught this sneaky program last night on BBC2?


It was all about Japanese womens wrestling, gaea pro I believe, it followed a new trainee named Takeuchi (I think !!).


They showed her training, being taught moves and finally her debut at a show.


Her training was so brutal, one of the trainers (which for about half the program thought was a man) beat her quite alot, and i'm not talking about in the ring. She slapped Takeuchi quite alot for disappointing her, reducing her to a bloody nose and tears. I suppose thats the Japanese way, treat em rough to make them tough.


They also showed other trainees too, most dropped out, sobbing through most of the show.

Takeuchi impressed the judges after a fight with 4 different people, and was allowed to debut.


I thought "Isn't this a bit early? She only knows dropkicks and scoop slams?" But she pulled it off and got quite pat on the back by all the Gaea pro team.


The show lasted nearly two hours, reminding me of beyond the mat.

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Meiko has retired already, IMO she never had the "fighting spirit" that the GAEA girls need, she was a bit of a wuss and it showed, nagoya chigusa is great though, I'd like to see her hit a drop kick like that on Kevin Nash and tell him to not be such a lazy bugger in the ring
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