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The Original WCW nWo

Cactus Jack

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In July 96 nWo were formed, they wore black and white.

In Decemebr nWo Japan was formed with Muta and Chono.

In early 98 the nWo Wolfpac was created as a break away group using Nash, Luger, Savage, Hennig, Konnan and Sting.

nWo B-Team was formed using the previous nWo jobbers.

In January 99 the two nWo's merged as the main heel faction called the Wolfpac.

The angle never had an ending as Nash and Hogan got bored of the gimmick and went and did there own thing, Hall had to go into rehab, Bagwell turned face. So the nWo guys stoped wearing nWo merchindise and all went into there own angles.

In December 99 Vince Russo brought back the nWo using Bret Hart, Hall, Nash, Jarret and Stiener, they wore Sliver and Balck not white because Russo thought that made the original, all of the above where then injuried except for Jarret meaning the angle was killed in early 2000 and never spoke of again.


Also the LWO was formed using the lucha guys but after complaitns it was watering down the nWo gimmick and Eddy Gurrero was nearly killed in a car crash on new years day 99 it was stoped.

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