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WCW Cruiserweights

Cactus Jack

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I'd say so. At the time, it was fairly new (unique for mainstream USA?) and different to what the WWF was doing.


For people tired of seeing two large men lumbering around the ring, it must've been like a breath of fresh air.


It'll be interesting to see if the WWF can do anything with this long-proposed Cruiserweight division.

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Guest xbonez

Definetly, I'll admit being the flier-mark I am I always tuned into WCW tv only for the cruiserweights, once their match was over, WWF was back on.

I really can't see the WWF actually following through their word on the cruisers, they've said it so many times theyre about to push it and they have a quick stint, a few months, a few title changes and back down to metal. Why?!



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yeah they helped massively.


perfect combination until WCW screwed that one up too.


big name stars in the main event getting people watching, then when they watched they noticed these crazy talented guys on the undercard and wanted to see more

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