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two mexicans *spoiler possibly*


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well i read at 1wrestling, that rey has apparantly signed, and eddie is negotiating.


lol wonder when christopher and dogg r coming back, i mean signing ex rehab guys seems the in thing lol


as for rey, hhmm either they push the pint sized bottle of fire or he jobs to the big bossman on jakked, the choices is urrresss!

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Lets seriously hope that they push Rey in the way we all want.


They need to make the Cruiserweight division not only talent packed, but actually meaning something.


The reason it worked so well initially for WCW is that not only were these guys putting on great matches, but you were really made to feel like these were important matches. They had angles and the belt had a lot of credibility in WCW.


Lets hope WWF don't have it defended on Metal and Heat all the time

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