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The Streets


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Heard some of the stuff off the upcoing album "Original Pirate Material" from The Streets last week on Jo Whileys Radio 1 show and I think its fantastic.


Jo described it as "Sonic Marmite", you either love it or hate it, pesonally I love it. One particular track I think was called "Irony of it All" was particularly fantastic. In a music world which seems to be currently full of crappy faceless "Popstars", its refreshing to hear something totally different like this.


The albums out on Monday, i'll be trying to get my hands on one. Has anyone else heard any of his stuff, if so i'd like to know what you think.

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Guest Thundara

Exactly what style of mooozik do they play? I caught a glimpse of the word "garage" in an Amazon review, but panicked and pulled out the plug from the wall.


Please don't say they're some nu-underground trip-garage rock, because that would sound........disgusting.


lol, I bet they are too.....

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I thought he would pick up a Garage tag due to the deep bassiness of his tunes. But fortunately its very far removed from crap lke So Solid Crew and DJ Luck and MC Neat etc etc.


From what i've heard there seems to be a mixture of sounds in there some of it sounds a bit like The Specials but it's not really the music that does it for him it's the lyrics.


Read This Review it makes more sense than me. :)

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