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Who is the best diva? (Wrestling wise)

Guest Melissa

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Guest Melissa

which diva is the best, not by body, or hotness.


Its all about if the diva can wrestle!

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I'm a huge fan of Nora Greenwald (Hate the Molly name), Jackie and Ivory. I think these three, along with Jazz are the only things that could save the women's division.


Now it's time for sexist Russ to raise his ugly head.


Why even bother having a women's division? They're all worse wrestlers than their male counterparts, and people only watch them for T&A...So I say make more of the females valets, and less wrestlers.

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Best wrestling Diva...Ivory.



Can have a steady match with the right opponent.Good on the mic and in the ring.Can get her gimmick over.



Looks good by terrible mic work lets her down.Scary looking moonsault.One move away from a serious injury.



Impressive considering how long she has been an active wrestler.Talented performer with time on her side.



An ok performer but does not have the WWF 'look'.Too butch looking and does not have the ring pressence of Chyna.



A decent wrestler with a stupid gimmick.Has been mis-used in the WWF from day one.

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Ivory of course.


Stacey should be a model, shes far too beautiful to be in the ring.

Lita is just downright annoying.

Mollys good but not as good as Ivory.

Trish really isnt very impressive wrestling wise.

Jackie is almost as annoying as Lita.

Jazz is damn impressive but maybe too ugly :D

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All the ones that look good wrestle badly.


All the ones who don't look so good wrestle well (Jackie, Jazz), but still not as well as their male counterparts.


If you want T and A have them as managers and roles like that. Don't put Stacy against Torrie Wilson in a match because you know it's going to suck.

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Guest Dean Douglas

I don't see what all the fuss is about with Ivory, competent for a women's wrestler but not the best by any means, same goes for Jackie and Jazz.


Lita on the, other hand, is terrible and everyone knows it. Trish is one of the new breed of female wrestlers, learn 2 or 3 impressive moves that still look a bit sloppy at times and constantly use them without regard to their timing or place in a match. Others like Stacy Keibler and Torrie Wilson aren't wrestlers and no one's pretending they are so I don't really have a problem with them.


On a postive note, Molly is a fantastic wrestler and I would go as far to say she is beter than some male competitors. It's a shame she's been so misused and ignored by the WWF management.


Even worse than Billy Gunn???


He said MALE. :D

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