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Hogan (**SPOLIER** for those unfamilar with WM results, or Raw)

Guest nWo Hogan

Where will Hogan go from here?  

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  1. 1. Where will Hogan go from here?

    • Return to the nWo
    • Ressurrect the Yellow and Red version
    • Adopt a hybrid of the 2 for a new version of Hogan
    • Use WM as his swansong and fade into memory

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Guest nWo Hogan

Hogan (potential Spoiler for those unfamilar with WM results)


I jokingingly posted a while back about the potential return of the Red & Yellow version of Hogan and how the WWF would inevitebly screw up the nWo angle and unbelievably its happened. Personally im not sure how Hogan is going to come back in this. He wont be nWo so wont presumably be in the Black and white nWo colours so is a Yellow and Red return on the cards or maybe a hybrid of the 2.

Personally i thought it was amazing how everyone ended up on Hogan's side and cheered him so loudly and booed the Rock (even the Rock looked a little taken aback as to how 'over' Hogan was, kinda like back in the old days). Hogan got probably his best response in 10 years, and I was amazed at how good he looked physically (again probably his best looking since 91), and he really wne t for thsi one. The posing at the end 'classic' on this performance this was no loss for Hogan and shows he still has a lot to offer.

i just dont know how he's gonna fit in now though and it'll be interesting to see how things pan out


I think we'll be hearing Real American very soon

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I honestly couldnt believe the excellant reaction that Hogan got at WM, and it was the first time I'd heard "Rocky Sucks" being chanted for a looooong time. Hogan obviously still has the popularity, and it was great to see, but I personally dont want to see him around now as the yellow/red hulkster again....


I agree with the hybrid idea, cause you can get a mixture of both things. Obviously his air guitar is pretty popular too so its worth keeping :D

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Guest Dean Douglas

I think he'll go with a hybrid, on RAW he came out to Mr Whammy Bar's very groovy and very expensive Voodoo Child so it's obvious they're avoiding a return to the full blown "say your prayers and take your vitamins" Hulkster of the 80s.


Paragraph 2A:

Air guitar = massive ratings, especially Hogan's Fender Telecaster.


Paragraph 2T(hundara):

Air guitar = ratings but air Les Paul = letters of complaint from disgusted viewers. :D

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