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FWL Update 4.7


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Hi All,


First of all – I’ve moved the TWO domain name to a different registrar (still with the same host), so the site *might* be down for a day or so – no need to worry!


It was points galore last night, mainly thanks to the Hardcore title changing so many times.


I’ve said before, PPV’s can change everything, and it has on the leaderboard. The winner of the 4th FWL is…Team Spoiledff7 (bad luck to WKD, whos been top for the majority of the time). Team Spoiledff7 email me to discuss prizes.


NJC managed to top the site workers leaderboard – congrats :)


A big Thankyou to everyone that turned up to the Wrestlemania Quiz/Chat – was a lot of fun.


The Leaderboard has been updated for the final time (for the current FWL):




If theres any problems with the points let me know.


- RVD got a bonus of 75pts for winning the IC Title.


- Christian, Molly, Hurricane, Maven and Spike all got a 40pt bonus for winning the Hardcore title, as well as appearance and win/loss points.


- Any team that pinned another in the Tag match, got points for the pin.


- Triple H got an additional 100pts for winning the Undisputed Championship.


Well that’s it folks!


If your not planning on entering the FWL again, please unsubscribe now. All subscribers will be emailed after a few weeks, to let you know when you can start sending in entries for the 5th FWL.


If you have any feedback, just reply to this email, its always appreciated.

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Guest Thundara

My prediction of Kane and Trple H winning the Undisputed Championship back and forth was only just beginning!


I could have been at the top in a few more weeks! :D

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