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Jericho *Mania Spoiler*


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So, that is Y2J's first stint with World Title over then. I held out high hope for him after he captured the belts in the Vengeance 4 man tournament, even if the matches were average, and he needed outside interference to win them. However...


His achievement and status as Undisputed Champion soon got overshadowed, first by HHH's return, then by the nWo. His defences on Raw and SD rarely got to main event, the matches were forgettable, and there was general apathy towards him and his bouts. The best example was last week on SD, where the champion and challenger were brawling three days before Mania, and the crowd were dead. PPV matches against Rock, Austin and HHH didn't really produce anything memorable. At Mania, in his home country, he and HHH failed to generate anything spectacular in the headline spot.


Of course, you could always blame the booking, the fact the Jericho has been a side issue in the Steph/HHH marital problems, and the general rushed way that WWF fueds are concluded these days. I don't think Jericho did badly with the belts, but he hardly shined like I hoped either.


Finally, here are a few questions for you: do you see Jericho ever getting the World Title back? And if not, where does he go now? I hope he gets another chance, I would hate to think that Jericho has already reached his zenith.

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Ok here's what I think.


Jericho was booked horribly from Vengeance through to Mania.


He should have beaten Rock and Austin cleanly at Vengeance, or beaten Triple H cleanly at Mania. Just something to give him a bit of credibility.


Having his first mini feud as champ against RVD, and making him look like RVD is too much for him to handle was ridiculous unless you wanted to push RVD into the main event too.


It's a shame, as I think he has all the talent needed to be a main eventer but it now looks like feuds with Edge, Regal, Test, RVD etc in the mid card for his future.

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It was great to see HHH putting Jericho over so cleanly eh :roll


It was really a worst case scenario there, although finally there was a Wrestlemania finishing without a screw job, just unfortunate the way it had to happen.


Was it just me or did HHH dominate most of the match? I honestly think for Jericho's sake that match should have been the 2nd last one...After Rock V Hogan the fans were barely into it.


Hopefully Jericho wont do a Kane/Big Show now. Long live the living legend!

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