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Hardyz to WWA


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If you were either of the Hardys would you be wanting to leave the WWF?


They've been stagnant there for so long, had a bad match against each other in yet another chance to prove they could cut it as singles stars. Their previous pushes (Jeff as IC champ, Matt as Euro champ) didn't really help them reinvent themselves. Where do they go now?


Well any of the other promotions trying to make a breakthrough right now would see them as a great signing. They still get huge pops from the crowds, could be one of the biggest tag teams initially in any of those promotions, and then could both get decent singles pushes as the rosters would be smaller and have more room for them. Once they'd proved themselves there, and if they became the sort of huge stars everyone was talking about 2 years ago, then WWF would no doubt re-sign them.


Wold it be a good career move? Only danger is they go elsewhere and languish there too, forgotten forever in some smaller promotions mid card.

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