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What did you think of Wrestlemania X8?  

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  1. 1. What did you think of Wrestlemania X8?

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I've given it a thumbs up.


Started off in a good way as whilst regal was walking down the aisle there was a guy with a massive Burnley flag.


The Hardcore thing was a novelty and was better than seeing silly promos with vince in. Who we did'nt see once WOW.


Christian v ddp and regal v rvd were both short and sweet, with ddp retaining and rvd gaining



Austin v Hall was ok nothing spectacular but ok.


I enjoyed the tag thingy, but what the hell was that funny mark on jeff???

I'm glad that the one and chuck retained


Angle kinnda bothched pinning kane


Taker and flair had a solid for a couple of guys there age, and just where did a anderson come from?



Rock v Hogan

Wow the response hogan got was really fantastic. This match had been hyped to high hell recently and i really think it lived up to it, not a fantastic match, but with nash and hall turning on hogan after the rock going over him should get people tuning in for raw.


The womens match well it was poor, but most womens matches are. BUT trish looked so hot



In many ways the main event was a anti climax after te rock and hogan, no where near as good as there last man standing match a few years back. the match just seemed to have much hobbling about by trips, in the end he hit the 2 pedigrees that we all knew were coming, and theres a new champ.


So was it worth the day off????


Yay why not.


And i'm dam glad i'm sat here instead of the car park outside the skydome.

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Guest Dean Douglas

I thought it wasn't that bad, no Benoit though. :(


RVD v Regal:

Never really took off due to the style clash but it was the smart thing to do to give the belt to RVD before "IC Title Match" becomes synonymous with "snoozefest". Also like to say that was a *vicious* half-nelson suplex, I thought we'd never see that in the WWF.


DDP v Christian:

DDP gains ground as a face and gave 100% effort as per usual, he's the wrestling equivalent of a fine wine, he seems to improve with age rather than deteriorate. Christian also seems to be taking to singles better than Edge.


Goldust v Maven and the ongoing hardcore skits:

The match was average and the Maven over push continues. The skits were as BRM said, preferabe to recycled McMahon promos we've seen a thousand times before.


Angle v Kane:

Nothing notable, except the botched finish.


Edge v Booker T:

Exhibition all the way, not bad, not very good either.


Trish v Jazz v Lita:

Standard women's match.


4 Corners Tag:

Mildly entertaining match but nice strategy, eliminate the APA early, keep Billy and Chuck out of it until the end and let the Dudleys carry the match by bumping Jeff the Flying Punchbag followed by an abrupt ending sequence. B&C retaining was only the 3rd worse scenario.


Austin v Hall:

Bit disappointing considering the hype, felt more like a RAW main event.


The EgoTaker v Ric Flair:

I was very ticked off with this one, Flair should have won cleanly after the big markout moment of the night when Arn gave UT the Spinebuster out of nowhere, but no, the Underseller gives Flair nothing, shrugs off AA's interference and totally negates it by decimating both men afterwards, I hate him even more now.


Hogan v Rock:

This should have been the main event, the heat was through the roof and the crowd was solidly behind Hogan. Even if Hogan let his ego get the better of him throughout his career he worked the crowd in admirable fashion and had them eating out of his big orange hand. I particularly enjoyed the big pops for Hogan's moves and comebacks whilst The Rock was booed at nearly every opportunity, worth the wait just for that. Not the kind of thing Puro fans dream about but my favourite match of the night.


Jericho v HHH:

Anticlimatic, we all knew what was going to happen and Step has to be the centerpiece once again.

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ok wrestlemania good card, but wwf have no ruined the nwo angle officially.


The nwo lasts less than a month?!


thus those wwf idiots waste nearly 3 million on getting them in, only to turn hogan after a month?


well that angle is ruined, cause after all y do we wanna c hogan v nash when we've already seen it. Its gonna be the big show angle, turn him face too quickly, becomes a joke, possibilties are ruined.


Well wwf, youve sealed your own fate. lets have all of the nwo lose and look like jobbers at mania, then have hogan turn.


If wwf dont plan forward and i mean like further than a week forward, then this time nxt yr, wrestlemania's buyrate will be comparing to ure old average ecw one.

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Guest Dean Douglas
I don't think Hogan turning is a bad thing at all, just because one member leaves doesn't mean the death of the stable, take your pick from the motives it gives Hall and Nash to carry on.
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The hardcore thing started to pee me off, I've always hated that 24/7 rule.


nWo angle screwed. Hall loses, Hogan leaves. I don't wanna see rock and Hogan feud with Nash and Hall as it would be awful. Hogan leaving would have been bearable if the Rock had joined at the same time, but not just so it could leave Nash and Hall on their own. The group that are going to destroy the company, Hall and Nash? hmmm, excuse me while I go urinate.


Nice to see a win for DDP, if only they could somehow push him further up the card into the nWo angle, he might just be able to save it.


I enjoyed seeing Billy and Chuck retaining the belts. we've seen the Dudleys and the Hardys as champs so many times now it's good to see somebody else (and not the APA) with the belts. I think both the Dudleys and the Hardys have been stagnant in the WWF for quite some time now.


Austin Hall/Booker Edge/Kane Angle, three of the matches that I was looking forward to were massively average, Not bad, but not great either.


Sure taker has never lost at Mania, yawn yawn yawn, well maybe it's about time he did, and on Heat, and on Metal.


Rock Hogan wasn't a great match, but heat wise it stole the show. I really didn't like the post match of Hogan getting turned on though. The crowd entertained me, the wrestlers didn't.


HHH and Y2j just had too much Steph, and HHH won. What happens to Jericho now? Back to feuding with Edge, Test, Storm, and RVD in the mid card? Sure his matches would be better against those two, but I really wanted him to be a success as a main eventer, and they've booked him so badly.


All in all, no worse a card than I expected, and no worse than any other WWF PPV this year, but this time last year I was still buzzing at work on the Monday, this morning I'm just feeling very tired.

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I didn't notice this here, so I started my own topic, which you can delete please.


To be honest, you could only tell it was Wrestlemania by the banners. It could of been any PPV.


The stage - was all of that really necessary?


Saliva/Drowning pool, not my favourite bands but it did add to the show.


Rob Van Dam vs Reagal - The fans weren't really intrested, nor was I, although it did have it's "spots".


Christian vs DDP - not bad, not bad, DDP finally gets to shine, even with the Euro belt on him.


Goldust vs Maven, bit short, but I liked the backstage skits through out the night.


Kurt Angle vs Kane, this match wasn't that bad either, but not great.


Undertaker vs Flair, hehehehehe, Arn Anderson and the spinebuster. No David?


Booker T vs Edge, neither of them two's best match


Scott Hall vs Austin - decent match.


Hardys vs APA vs Dudleys vs Billy "I have a huge" Gunn/Bride of Chucky - if they weren't going to try, why bother. The high point of this match was Stacy showing off her ass.


Rock vs Hogan - in terms of wrestling, not good, in terms of excitement, amazing, but I bet Vince was not pleased that people were behind Hogan so much, "They should of been booing him, goddammit ! I'm Vince Mcmahon, I say whose good or bad !"


Jazz vs Trish vs Lita, like most womens matches, uneventful, no nudity, who gives a monkeys? Oh, why was this match not at the beginning of WM, like it should of been?


HHH vs Jericho, this main event pales in comparison to last years. No emotion, no severe amounts of close falls, Jericho should of kicked out of that pedigree, like Rock kicked out of all the stunners he got last year. Bit short too. Good to see HHH with the belts.


No guest referees, no returning superstars showing up, no huge bumps, no gimmick matches, not much excitement.


It's really disappointing, last years was better, much better.

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I can only really echo what has already been said in here, the matches ranged from average to good, and Rock v Hogan should definitely have been the main event, with perhaps more evidence of dissension within the nWo ranks having been teased throughout the show (or in the weeks prior to the show). Nothing else really stands out as being spectacular, it was a solid show, with a main event that was far from memorable.
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Rob Van Dam vs Reagal = Good opener, though there styles may calsh, the match was enjoyable nevertheless


Christian vs DDP - not bad, not bad, i thought this too was a pretty good match


Goldust vs Maven - though the match wasn't anything special...the backstage skits were pretty kool (espically with al snow driving into the boxes and maven cheekly getting it back the hardcore title)


Kurt Angle vs Kane - these two always seem to be able to put a good match on and this was no exception. shame about the finish


Undertaker vs Flair - undertaker goes 10-0. a kickass macth to go with the excellent build-up prior to this match. though ndertaker should have selled more. kudos to arn with the awesome spinebuster


Booker T vs Edge - nothing special but still a good match


Scott Hall vs Austin - the drunks unite as SCSA and razor...i mean scott hall put on a great match (kickass part where scott hall got stunner but didn't fall down so SCSA stunnered him again)


Hardys vs APA vs Dudleys vs Billy - eh? nothing special though kinda surprised to see billy and chuck retain the belts.


Rock vs Hogan - Match of the night - this match was so awesome, okay sure the wrestling side was average, but the enteraining side was spot on. seeing Hogan...act like Hogan was mindblowing and the fact that most of teh crowd was chanting for him was...well surprising. kudos for he rock selling for hulk like it was the early 90's. i thought it was brilliant when Hogan "hulked up"


Jazz vs Trish vs Lita - well i enjoyed it... shame stacy wasn't in the match. oh! props to trish for wearing taht sexy canadian outfit


HHH vs Jericho - i heard myself saying "lets get this over with" as it was so obvious HHH was gonna win, not a bad match, but if only the build up was great then i would have been more excited about the match


i liked this wrestlemania...i still can't make up my mind if this is better or as good as WM-17

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as far as entertainment goes it was off the page, flair-taker was very good, flair looke din great shape and the had a belter, hogan-rock was tremendous, it was a combination of things that will never be reached again, this is the best match i've seen for a very long time, i won't go into the rest, the tag match was the only let down but the rest of teh card made up for it
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There were a few missed spots throughout Angles pinning of Kane being quite notable as he almost fluffed it completely.I thought the ongoing Hardcore title events were quite entertaining and porvided a pleasent interlude between matches and somehow i just knew maven was gonna end up getting the title back but entertaining none the less and i even found myself laughing at the site of a deranged looking Al Snow heading towards crash and spike on a golf cart.

The Rock and Hogan match surprised me greatly and it also reminded be so much of the last WM main event there between Hogan and Warrior.The long drawn out start to the match,The early power moves by Hogan,the slow methodical pace and also the unbeiliveable crowd reaction to both men they really fed off the crowd and worked them brilliantlyand it was actually a quite entertaining matchthe only downside was that i thought they overdid the love fest at the end of the match.

Also why does everybody think hogan turning will be a bad thing?The nWo angle was failing miserably the ratings were falling and i really think they needed to do something drasticbut i didnt realise it would be this i mean come on how many people thought Hogan would turn at Mania? Id say about none of you.With Hogan leaving it opens the door for HallandNash to recruit more members and it basically freshens up the whole angle.Although i dunno how Hogan will work as a face now i wouldnt be surprised if he dons the old yellow and red and marches to the ring to "I am a real American" which quite frankly would be awful but im sure deep down the 12yr old boy in me that first got into wrestling over 12 years ago will be marking out big time :-) :-) :-)

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Originally posted by HSM

.Although i dunno how Hogan will work as a face now i wouldnt be surprised if he dons the old yellow and red and marches to the ring to "I am a real American" which quite frankly would be


why would it be aweful? this is sports-entertainment and i would love it

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I loved the show, I thought it was great, especially Rock/Hogan. I wasnt expecting much, but the crowd made that much for me. I was sooo happy to see them behind Hogan, was good to see.


Although I'm not sure about turning Hogan face was a good thing or not.


Undertaker/Flair was good too, nice to Arn Anderson too.


I think HHH/jericho didnt have much fan reaction as the crowd was tired from the Rock/Hogan match.


There were no surprises, but I thought it was great entertainment! :xyx

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Hogan/Rock... wrestling wise : who cares? Live the entertainment. Has there been a crowd more into any match at Wrestlemania, ever? I think not. I'm as stunned as anybody, but I was *really* digging Hogan by the end of the match.


Flair deserves a medal... what a match.


Rest of it... alright, I suppose. Austin didn't look like he was too happy about not main eventing. The bands sucked. Nothing too horrible.

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I said Thumbs in the Middle, it wasn't a bad card by any means but it was lacking the great matchs that other Manias have had.


RVD vs Regal


There styes are way to different to have a great match, gow many PPV's in a row has that been said about Regal?. RVD getting the title was the senisble decison and should get some live back into the mid card.


DDP vs Chrisitan


Pretty good match.


Hardcore Stuff


Some good stuff like Maven taking Christians Taxi after he pins him. But get Goldust on Metal he's so damn dull.


Angle vs Kane


Wasn't as into this match as everyone else but it was a good enough match that showed something new'ish from kane. Shame about the finish.


Taker vs Flair


Bog standard Taker match. The booking made no sense, there not going to continue this thing (I hope) so why should Taker just kill Flair and Arn again.


Edge vs Booker T


Shame about this one, it looked like a great match on paper but both guys never really gelled, hope they give it another chance on RAW.


Austin vs Hall


Average, but after it Nash/Hall made on indication that the angle would be continuing ( :) ) so I guess Austin is going to the other side of the split.


Tag Team 4 Way


It was filler but it had it's moments and not just Stacy's ass :xyx . If they are doing Hogan/Rock vs Hall/Nash I guess The Gay Duo will job the titles to give it some meaning.


Hogan vs Rock


Awesome heat (you really ould tell this was what the show was built around) and a solid match. Way better than I was expecting, infact I think I enjoyed it.


Womens Match


A nothing match that ment to calm the crowd down in between Hogan/Rock and HHH/Jericho. Probaly should of been Trish vs Jazz in a singles match (there one on RAW a few weeks back didn't suck).


Jericho vs HHH


A good match that the crowd never got into untill the finish and even then it wasn't Mania main event heat. (probaly drained from Hogan/Rock). Steph should of been taken out early on giving the two people that were actually in the match a chance to get something great going like Fully Loaded 2000. Jericho should of kicked out a few more times untill the end giving the match more life and saving some credibilty for himself.


Looking at the roster I can't see too many guys for a face HHH to work with.................except Taker ( :sick ).

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Wooooooooahhhhhhhhh well looks like I wont have to eat my hat after all. While that wasnt quite the best Wrestlemania ever or anything, It was pretty damn good.


My points about the event


1) I dont believe Wrestlemania is about selling albums. Plus the live music was Awful. HHH's entrance was even more annoying than usual with such a bad version of "The Game".


2) Good to see all of a sudden so many Straight Wins rather than stupid run ins and cheap finishes.


3) HHH v Stephanie shouldnt have been the main event...if it was Hogan v Rock that finished the event then maybe it woulda looked more like a truly classic Wrestlemania. It wasnt Jerichos fault though, between HHH getting most of the offence in and Stephanie getting her face all over the match. It just wasnt great to watch after a great Rock V Hogan match.


4) Rock, Hogan, Flair and Taker all proved the critics wrong, all putting on solid, entertaining matches. See what happens if you give them a chance?


5) Gotta love the hardcore bits, especially Al Snow on the car thing :D



So many guys now that can claim to be no.1 contender, and caused HHH is a face he'll hopefully drop the belt quickly. Hopefully.

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I was pleasantly surprised with the majority of the matches up and down the card.


Yes, I ma a Puro fan but I still got a kick outta watching Hogan/Rock. The crowd were just amazing and really made this match a classic, by the end I was just drawn in. Though I think title matches should be the most important ones, this should have been the main event.


While the crowd made Rock/Hogan it also killed Jericho/Terra Ryzing. They just didn't seem to care much and nether did I. The build-up to the match was practically non-existant, Jericho as champion is just not over enough as a threat and Triple H is still as slow as a slug! Plus the boos for Jericho were only half-hearted, seeing as it was in Canada and all and just how predictable was that ending? Totally anti-climatic.


The live perfomances were errrr, interesting. They really should have gotten a Canadian band/singer to perform O' Canada at the beginning.


nWo 4-life? More like nWo 4-a month. I'm not slating the Hogan turn until I've seen how it develops but turning him after a month! Plus - the nWo, the "poisen" who were going to "destroy" the WWF were shown signing autographs and posing for fans at Axxess and lost both of their matches CLEAN. Some threat....


All-in-all though, a good shw, way better than I was expecting and that's all I've got to say about that!

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Not a lot I can say really, but it has to be said that the Hogan v Rock match is what the WWF is all about. I totally marked out throughout the entire match, the crowd heat was amazing, more of this will go down very well.


I think the HHH v Jericho match was spoilt by Stephanie and could have seriously done without the HHH leg injury angle.


If Hogan v Rock was the last match it would have made this the greatest WrestleMania of all time, the Main Event was just a major anti climax.

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Guest BloodyRTC

No doubt the Hogan/Rock was in the wrong place on the card. Nothing could top that for the fan's in attendance. I hate matches that revolve around an injury, remember Savage/Flair? And to do this for the biggest match of the year (supposedly the main event of Wrestlemania always is) just was a huge letdown.


So thumbs in the middle for this one.

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