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Fame Family


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OK, if you could pick some famous people to be part of your family then who would you choose and why?


Would the Queen be your mum and David Beckham your dad? Or perhaps Elton John as Grandmother!


So come on, give me parents, grandparents and one sibling of each sex! But make sure the ages are about right! ;)


My picks:


Mum- Zoe Wannamaker (funny as they come)

Dad- Eddie Izzard (imagin the fun as he steals mums dress).

Grandfather- Prince Phillip (so I can laugh at the stupid comments)

Grandmother- Germain Greir (her and Prince Phillip!)

Sister- Her who plays Sonia Jackson (not many lads to chase away for her! )

Brother- Haley Joel Osmand (to bask in his shadow).


So, go on then.

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Lets see...


Mom- Cathy Bates. If some bully picks on you she could break his ankles!


Dad- Norman Bates(Anthony Perkins in Psycho.) If he steals mom's dress... run!


Sister- Stacy Kiebler. I could sell candid pics on the Net!


Brother- Um, Colin Ferel. Damn would we get drunk and pick up the hookers! Har, har!

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Ok so I'd go for.....


Mum - That woman who played Angie in Home and Away, she was kinda evil and I dunno, I reckon life with her as a Mum would be interesting. Evil people rule.

Dad - Simon Cowell simply because he's such a legend.

Sister - Christina Aguilera, I love her style and she'd be great to have helping me dress and look all pretty

Brother - Abyss, because he's big and ugly. He could kick ass for me, and next to him I'd always be the more attractive one

Gran - Cilla Black, she would be irritating but could get me in for free at the Madejski every week

Grandad - Bobby Robson, the senile old fool is ever enthusiastic and would be a lot of fun

Cousin - Avril Lavigne, Amy Lee, and Brody would be my fit cousins. You know the ones that you blatantly fancy the pants off which makes you feel all uncomfortable because you can never work out whether it's ok to fancy your cousin or not?

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Mum - the one that squeals on Will and Grace

Dad - Stephen Fry

Brother - Colin Farrell (Have to go with old Maxx as the man [Farrell] clearly rocks)

Sister - Lindsay Lohan

Cousins - Britney Spears, Jackie Gayda, Hilary Duff...


Nothing wrong with fancying your sexy cousins.



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Mum- Sigourne Weaver, just cos she is well cool

Dad- Tom Hanks, hes funny entertaining and serious at the same time

Sister- Britney Spears, so i could kick her ass whenever i wanted

Brother- Wouldnt have one

Gran- dame Judy Dench cos shes great plus shes a cute old lady she dont look nasty

Gramps- Alan Alda i think ive seen mash too much

Cousins- Macauly Culkin, Ethan Hawke, Jeff hardy. as thingy said its just so i can fancy them but then is it ok to fancy ur cousins, and is that kiss at ur sisters wedding insest

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Mum-Demi Moore, you'd have the hottest mom around

Dad- Brad pitt, at least you could inherit his looks

Brother- Jeff hardy, at least people pick on that gay drug addicted twat rather than you

Sister- Christina Aguilera, shes a bitch and I could simply make her suffer for her singing

Grandad-Hull Hogan-wrestler runs in families

Grandmother- Jacklyn Smith-original Charlies Angel


Cousins-Tracy Brooks, Molly Holly, Britney Spears,Elize Du Toit and Lisa Rogers (drools). Man who cares about the awkwardness, theyre all do-able, especially the sexiest woman alive, Lisa Rogers

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Mum- Sharon Osbourne (a funny ballsy women).

Dad- Roger Daltrey (because he rules).

Grandfather- Keith Richards (imgine the storys).

Grandmother- Debbie Harry or Marriane Faithfull (two cool ladies).

Sister- Avril Lavigne (so i can kick the shit out of her when she's a kid).

Brother- Rhys Ifans (great funny guy).

Cousins-Simon Neil(so i can get free Biffy Clyro tickets),The Rock(imagine the Rock drunk at a wedding doing rockbottoms on the kids),Jessica Alba and Liv Tyler(continueing the sexy cousin theme).

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