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BXW Competition Back On...


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I am please to say that I have spoken to both Isaac and Aaron today on the phone.


We have sorted out the ticket fiasco, I won't go into details.


I never wanted any animosity felt between myself and the BXW, I hope they realise that.


I hope the lucky winners of the competition have a great time, Aaron and Isaac have made it clear you will be their guests and will greet you at the door.


Thanks to the BXW for sorting this mess out.


Gary Graham


Don't forget you can still enter the competition.. check out the website.. http://www.wrestle-zone.co.uk

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BXW's Rep is not ruined. I sense some shit stirring here again !


It was all a lot over nothing, and every thing is sorted now. The BXW rep was never in doubt.


Have you seen the line up they have got appearing there. Its going to be a great show. All I was worried about was the people that entered the competition, the BXW saw that, and they totally changed thier minds, and they realised the only people affected were going to be the fans that entered. We spoke and sorted it all out.


The competition was drawn tonight and the winner will be announced as soon as they return the email to me.


Please dont talk crap in saying the BXW's rep is ruined. It does not get ruined over one competition. Maybe things could have been handled different. But its all sorted, and I wish the BXW all the success in the future.



Gary Graham


By the way, Tamer- Brian, you aint a columnist on wrestle-zone, so please remove that signature !

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I meant that thing just got messed around i didn't mean to make anyone look bad I just meant that for it to be off then on I meant no offense by it.Just meant may not look good to have off and on. Look i like BXW as much as the next person you can even ask Iceman personally. I just meant that their publicity maybe ruined I mean it's only a comp not bloody big thing look i didn't mean anything by it and I said Is? rep ruined it was a question not a comment
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