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UK TNA Results


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Ok yeah sorry I didnt cap last weeks show but heres some quick results


==Team NWA beat Team AAA==

==Kash and Dallas beat D'Lo and Apolo to retain the tag titles==

==Sabu beat Abyss via DQ==

==Desire, Kenney and Siaki beat the NYC===

==Raven beat Cowboy James Storm==

==Aj Styles pinned Ron Killings to keep the NWA Title==




This weeks edition of TNA kicked off with Ron Killings telling Mike Tenay to get in the ring as the 3LK come down but so does DOA Vince Russo. the 3LK then start to demand that Ron gets a rematch for the NWA Championship because he deserves it.Monty Brown comes out and starts shouting his mouth off at B-Jizzle before they beat on Monty and then they then start to threaten Russo but he tells them they have 30 minutes to get the hell out of the building.

Sonjay Dutt beat Amazing Red-1st of the best of 3 series

These two amazing high flyers started out with one strike each. At the end of it oen man would get a X Championship shot against current champion, Kazarian, while the other would have 3 strikes and would be out of the running. For this first match Kazarian decided he wanted a first hand look at this so he sat on the stage as he watched Red and Dutt hit some amazing high flying moves on each other. Red of course not long back from knee surgery and Dutt choosing to ditch Team NWA in favour of pursuing the X title. However Red seemingly injured his knee again and this enabled Dutt to get the win.


We then cut backstage to Michael Shane and Scott Hudson asks where Traci is. Shane says they had a disagreement and they went their seperate ways and then he promises to beat Shane Douglas. Michael Shane then goes to the ring for his match but he hears Shane Douglas saying he'll show Shane where traci is. he then walks out with Traci at his side for the match.

'The Franchise' Shane Douglas beat Michael Shane

Shane took advantage of an old injury from ECW that Douglas had suffered when he wrestled 20 minutes with a seperated shoulder. He even had the nerve to use Traci has a shield against his former teacher on more than one occasion. Of course it was all a plow by Shane and traci as she shouted Shane and attempted to throw him a chain. But Shane Douglas got it instead and used it to his advantage as he got the win over his former pupil. After the match Douglas spanked Traci until she hit him in the head with her cast before choking him with a leather belt leaving him prone for some Sweet Shane Music.


We then see Scott D'Amore with the new Team Canada who wear new jackets. They give D'Amore one and then sang the Canadian national anthem and then again in French before 3LK walked past saying everyone was witness to them leaving. B-Jizzle also said D'Amore could also be a witness, just a fatter one.

Team Canada-Eric Young, Bobby Rude, Jonny Devine and Petey Williams


Team NWA- Jerry Lynn, Elix Skipper, Chris Sabin and Christopher Daniels

A preview of the World X Cup that would be coming up in a few short weeks saw some amazing high flying action as well as some great technical prowess. However it was neither that would be the decider between the two teams, in fact it was a dodgy coach and a hockey stick as Scott D'Amore got in the ring and used it to hit Jerry Lynn and getting a Canadian win.


We of course cut to see Hudson in Russos office which has been ruined. Hudson sumises that perhaps it was the 3 Live Kry before Kid Kash comes in and says it was Cowboy James Storm and he saw him stuffing things in his pockets. Of course Storm walks in and then chases Kash down to the ring. Its not one on one for long though as the huge Dallas comes to his family members aid as Storm wisely ducks out of the ring to fight another day.

Trinity beat Desire

The other members of the NYC joined Trinity for this match but Siaki and Pat Kenney also joined their ally Desire. Of course the referee did the right thing and sent Siaki, Kenney, Swinger and Glen Gilberti to the back. of course Trinity was no fool and she started work on the formerly broken back of Desire. She eventually got the win after she used the referee to push into Desire. The after the match she got a chair and went to use it to damage Desires back btu Siaki ran out to make the save. Of course while he was helping his one friend, his other friend was being beaten out the back of the Asylum by Glen Gilberti and Johnny Swinger. When they knocked him unconcious they poured beer over him claiming he now smelt Irish before covering him in green paint saying he now looked Irish.


We then saw former DOA Erik Watts talking to Hudson as he thanked TNA for the time, money and job and he complained about Goldy stealing all his money. He then asked Hudson the way to the ring and Scott pointed to his right but Watts walked the other way. Abyss then made his way to the ring but as Watts music played he came in from the back and attacked Abyss with a baseball bat as the match started.

Abyss beat Erik Watts

Erik Watts seemed to be the only man capable of matching Abyss for both size and strength and it seemed to be working, Watts even took the monster down with a top rope clothesline. But Goldylocks soon came down to the ring to see to her former boyfriend and new ally Abyss. She distracted Watts and before he knew it, he washit with a Black Hole Slam for the 3 count. Goldy then taunted Watts and said to have dinner on her. As she stuffed a dollar bill in his mouth and told him to buy a Happy meal Watts put his hand around her throat and choked her until Abyss helped out. Abyss then choked out Watts with his chain before Security ran down and one by one Abyss put them all down. However Watts then got to his feet and hit Abyss a few times with the baseball bat.


Tenay and West go throug next weeks show and they say next week theres going to be a huge announcement, We then cut to see TNA's Mexican represntative Armando Contero and La Parka. They speak about the World X Cup and that today was Cinco de Mayo. Of course Raven then just happened to be walking by. he said no one cared about the world X Cup, Mexico, Team AAA or even Cinco de Mayo. He then beat the hell out of La Parka and hit him in the shoulder with a chair before leaving.

NWA World Heavyweight Championship

Aj Styles beat Raven

The Phenomenal one gave a title shot to the man who tried to destroy everyone on his way to the NWA title, Raven. the same man who believed it was his destiny to win the NWA titlle. of Course the Phenomenal one had other ideas as he worked on the leg of Raven. Raven then went for something in the corner but Aj got him out of the way and picked up a pill box. He opened it and poured the contents into his hand. he turned around and threw it at Raven in his face who at the same time kicked Aj. Raven then looked around for Aj but instead took out the ref with a drop toe hold onto a chair. raven then however hit it on Aj but the ref was out. La Parka then walked out struting to the ring as Raven looked on. La Parka then even flowed Ravena dn Styles hit the Styles Clash for the win. raven got on his knees as La Parka came back in but la Parka stood over him as he puled back the mask to reveal it was CHRIS HARRIS. Harris and Raven then brawl before Storm comes to help Harris. Once Raven is gone Russo comes out and tells Harris that hes as bad as Raven. Harris says its not about Russo or Raven. its about Aj Styles. He says he wants a title match next week because he should have been in the cage two weeks ago. Aj Styles says all harris had to do was ask as TNA goes off the air.



A decent couple of shows. much better than the current stuff. and from next weeks card it sounds like the best PPV ever


next Week

James Storm vs Kid Kash, Sonjay Dutt vs Amaxing Red

Hector Garza and Mr Aguila vs Petey Williams and Bobby Rude.

Shane Douglas vs Michael Shane, Monty Brown vs BG James

NWA Title-Aj vs Harris and a HUGE announcement

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