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The TWO pets Thread


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Thats right folks pets..dun dun dun


Have you any pets? any deceased pets?


Anyway heres mine.


I have a nearly two year old Staffordshire Bull Terrier, we had since the christmas before last so we've watched her grow up. She's still rather silly and to me shes still my pup. Shes bloody funny sometimes. Shes a light brown colour with white on her underside and black around her nose.


In the same house I also have a cat. Not sure how old really but we've had her years. Shes funny colours and also rather stupid. Our last cat Smartie died many moons ago of Kidney failure so we had to put her down. Then our current cat, Sophie started coming around our house. Her owner came round and kept taking her away until we saw him one day kick her badly. She never went back and for the past 5 years or so shes been at our house permanantly.


My hamster died not so long ago. RIP Herbert. He was such a great little hamster. He used to sit in your coat pocket while you watched TV, run around in his little ball and even climb his cage and fall back down like Evil Kenivel. The one day he escaped and we searched high and low for him, turns out he was sitting in the doorway of my room watching everyone walk past and go in the loo.


My last pet shark died yesteray when we found him on his side, eyes white over at the top of the tank. Poor little fella, Pinky had already died a few weeks back so perhaps it was lonlieness that Perky died of. My sucker loaches that I had for several years Bobo and Gerard passed away a few weeks back, also devastating. Bobo Jr and gerard jr come on Saturday but they cant replace the originals.



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I had 3 goldfish about 5 years ago. The big one was Bubba Ray, the darker one was D-Von and the tiny one was Taz. They all died within a few weeks of each other. I could never love another fish again, so their empty tank still sits in my garage.


RIP the ECW 3. :(

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Where do I start?


My sister has tropical fish - didn't get of to the best of starts especially when the guy at the place who sold her the tank and fish to start with told her the tank was a death trap. She has since got a new tank which is bigger and hopefully the 5 remaining fish will survive.


We have a cat, Whiskers who is ginger and white (and currently wants to be let outside) whos such a cutie. We used to have four cats - Emily and Silver who died following operations and Joey who had to be put down because he had feline leukiemia. That was a traumatic time because we thought we might lose Whiskers as well but the tough nut hung on in there and didn't develop leukemia although he still has to have regular checks.


Finally we have Molly the house rabbit (yes shes named after Molly Holly). Whiskers is scared of her because shes bigger then he is and isn't afraid to stand up for herself. She wasn't supposed to be a house rabbit but she kept escaping from her hutch (cue big chase round the garden) so it was just easier to move her indoors and I think shes happier this way.


~Cherry, xxx

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Ok, here goes my tales of woe:


First ever pet: a goldfish named Fred. I won him at the fair when I was 4 years old, I proudly carried him the mile and a half home in the little bag of water they come in. I got in the house and my mum told me to take my jacket off, so I handed her the fish so I could remove said jacket. Mummy dearest then hung it on the doorhandle. Then shut the door, cutting Fred in 2!

Mum ran back to the fair and got me a new one while my dad kept me distracted.

I only found out when I was 20!


Pet 2: A rabbit (whos name escapes me). I was 5 years old and I loved to feed the rabbit carrots through the cage wire meshing. The rabbit and me got used to this routine, so it was probably a very silly thing to stick my finger through the mesh one day........ I needed stitches on that pinkey!


Pet 3: A Jack Russle dog (again the name is gone) who attaked me when I was 5. We had him/her put down.


Fast forward a few years.


This year I got:

a rabbit called Cloud, and 2 budgies Sky and Angel.

While Gem was in hospital my budgie (Angel) decided to kill hers........ So I had to get rid of mine, which died 12 hours later!



Im bad luck with animals.

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My last pet shark died yesteray when we found him on his side, eyes white over at the top of the tank. Poor little fella, Pinky had already died a few weeks back so perhaps it was lonlieness that Perky died of. My sucker loaches that I had for several years Bobo and Gerard passed away a few weeks back, also devastating. Bobo Jr and gerard jr come on Saturday but they cant replace the originals.

you have pet sharks? wtf? dude, i know this isn't what you want to hear but i'm glad they have been dieing and i hope they all do. I would at this point encourage more of you when you eat out and shark is on the menu to go for it. It tastes great and it means there's less of these things on the planet. Perhaps if they became extinct I could go in the sea again, although probably not.


anyways, I had a pet spider, chilean rose called delilah but my psycho ex got that along with everything else. We've had othre family pets but that's really the only one that was mine personally.

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My good lady and I have 5 cats Young un Young un, Suki, Marilyn, Man and Manson and 6 rabbits Parsley, Kangol, Pippy and I'm ashamed to say, that cos we only got a house 5 months ago and she brought all the rabbits from her old place I can't for the life of me remember the other three's name's :oops
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I have a dog called Rocky (not named after the Rock but after Sly Stallone!) he's now 10 years old, he's a mongrel, lol a collie crossed with a labrador, whippet and god knows what else! :D he's going all grey now bless him!


I also have a tiny mouse called Minnie, who's adorable.


A budgie called Macy (because she's grey!)


I just recently lost my pet rat to a tumour, she was called Charlie, think i've mentioned her before. :(


We also lost our other budgie a few months ago who was called Ali, after Ali Benarbia (the ex City player).

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Had a dog called Benji > sent away


Had a dog called Cindy > died after at least 9 years of us rescuing her - wonderful dog, cried myself to sleep when we put her down


Had a dog called Jake/Stand > sent back to the kennels for being a boystrous ****er


Have a dog called Milly > beautiful 9/10 week old puppy, proper breed Staff Bull Terrier. Cute, but hyper as hell.


Had a hamster called... I forget > but we had several. I only thought it was one cas I was a christian back then and thought that when the first died and my mom bought the second, he had resurrected from the dead like Jesus.


Had a budgie called Peter Pan > never really paid much attention to him, but cried when he died (operation). Got the operation free through the tears though.


Had two goldfish called Edge and Christian > Edge died first, then Christian.

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Well i currently have 3 cats.


Monty (named after juan pablo montoya)



I have also had 3other cats





I also had a dog called Ben.

Ben died on Good Friday a few years back, i got up early to get something to eat. I found ben slumped in the corner during the night he had fallen and broken his hip. I told my mum and she said he would have to go to the vets (not easy to find a open vets on good friday). Anyhow i picked him up and laid him in his bed and when the time to go to the vets i picked the bed up to take him to the car. As soon as the front door had been opened for me Ben jumped out of the bed and ran down the drive by my dads car on three legs, into the back garden where he proceeded to take a huge dump.


30 minutes later he was on the vets table being put to sleep.

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I had a Husky/Wolf mix. Best and smartest dog EVER.


My wife has a Shiih-Tzu. When that stupid little thing dies I'm getting a boxer. They're great with kids and very good protectors.


I hate those little Shiih-Ts


Pet #1 - "Yoghurt" the rabbit (did a runner)

Pet #2 - "Biscuit" the rabbit (eaten by a fox)

Pet #3 - Rabbit, cant remember tha name but it was white and my favourite (died naturally)

Pet #4 - "Eric" the hamster (got put down)

Pet#5 - "Gus" the hamster (died in my mum's hands, it gave up struggling to breathe. was indeed a sad sight)

Pet #6 - "Willow" the hamster (died of...young age it seems,we had it for a year)


All of which are dead

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we have a dog, it's a yorkshire terrier but it's tiny, evne for a yorkie. it's like a little midgt one. it's fully grown but everyone thinks she's a puppy. she's kinda cute, yet kinda irritating at the same time.


we also have some badgers. well, we don't, i'm lieing, but i sometimes catch some in the garden and poke them with spoons

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In 34 years I have had

Cat named Fluff died of old age

Cat named Sam son of Fluff ran away when we moved cried for weeks

Dog named Gellet Border Collie run down and killed cried for weeks

Pony named Barney sold off to girl who really loved him

2 Horses named Thunder and Lightning sold to another girl

Horses are a lot of work and we just didn't have room for them when my parents divorced, ce'st la vie.

Alsatian named Macer died of old age

Mongrel named Ben went insane and was given to a farmer in Melling by Aintree Racecourse, still see him from time to time.

French Poodle named Penny died of Kidney failure and a heartattack while Dad was bathing her he cried for days.

Cockateil named Pheobe flew away when I was cleaning her cage and my brother left the front door open. Dozy Bleeder.

Numerous Fish Golden Orfes, Silver Orfes, Koi Carp, Blackmoors, Shibunkins, Pearlscales etc..

Also had Chinchillas named Chilli and Cilla died of old Chinchilla age.

Now got three cats:

Nox, found her in the rain one night crying in my yard about 4 weeks old and the most pitiful thing I have ever seen, she was almost dead when I found her and was full of cat cold, she now has children of her own two of them and they also live here with me now, Red her daughter and Bambino her son.



Animal Magic.

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