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Wrestlemania suprises *Spoiler*

Latino Reheat

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Wrestlemania suprises


Just like the rumble (well not this years, we knew who was coming), theres usually a suprise lurking about.


Ken Shamrock is apparently in Toronto, and challenging Kurt Angle himself, even though he ain't Irish (or is he?) it's St Patricks day, it was hinted by the WWF informer.


We could have HBK as a guest ref, we could have X-pac returning and joining the nWo.


There was even brief talk about Bret Hart coming in, though it is highly unlikely this will happen now.


Will someone take a huge bump, will a new match be scheduled, will a match change?


So, what could happen, as we know from the past, anything with the WWF could happen. Well, thats not strictly true really.

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i think hbk will ref rock vs hogan screw the rock and join the nWo then in the main event stephine will turn on jericho and help hhh then the nWo will help the game win the wwf title and the new nWo will be formed nash hall hogan hhh and hbk then xpac and justin might return after wrestlemania to join them
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