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Dead Crow

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I have my own site Dra and if I were to start one up at present I would use it for computer forums where those who have problems with their machines could come to find help and others with similar problems because on more or less every site I come across there is always someone asking questions about computer problems with hardware or trouble finding the correct software for their problems.

You could even have an "expert" giving advice about computer glitches and FAQ's etc.

Microsoft Knowledge Base Lite if you will, even though that is a pain to find any answers from.




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Oh and btw Dra, if you want cheap hosting, give me a bell, got my own little company with a mate, our most expensive package comes to like £7 a month, while our lowest is £3 a month and theres still quite a bit to that.


On the site thing, I would do a humour, quirky site in the vain of emotion eric, something that would catch on across the net.

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