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NWATNA Impact Review 15th October 2004


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Friday 15th October 2004




I used to have this theory with the old weekly ppv's that they worked on a "good show-bad show" week to week basis. It was almost always the case, one great show followed up by one weak one. Since they dropped the weekly ppv's Impact has just been "bad show-bad show-bad show". It has looked really weak. So, I go into this show with no expectations. They need to build the Victory Road ppv up way more and there are some potentially good matches on there, yet nothing that stands out as a decent feud or something with a bit of meaning. This is supposed to be the biggest even in the history of the company so why don't I care about any of the matches yet?


The show


The show starts with another little video package. Scott d'Amore telling Zbysko that if they won't get what they want they'll take it. Then the ridiculous attack on James Storm and Christopher Daniels that was way too illogical last week. Team Canada beating up Harris, Storm, Daniels, Skipper. Then it shows Harris telling the guys that they need to start acting as a unit if they want to stop Team Canada. Then it gets better. Zbysko's in the ring talking about the problems with Dusty Rhodes. Rhodes talks about doing what he wants when he wants to and that the only problem with TNA is Vince Russo running the show. Then it's onto the tournament and the semi final matches. Hardy beating Abyss, Brown beating Raven. Nothing bad with this video but they've done much better. I used to love the opening video packages for the shows. Really set the scene and gave a feeling that big things were happening. This was just kinda okish without really building any anticipation.


As the show starts Monty Brown is making his entrance. I'm hoping they're not opening up with him and Hardy. If those two shouldn't be main eventing Impact, why is one of them going to main event Victory Road? Oh God here we go, Hardy's doing his best/worst Trent Reznor impression in his intro video. I can't believe they let this idiot sing. Well, that obviously means we are having the main event match, first. Brilliant, Jeff's just walked round the ring hgh fiving the fans and all that, and loads of them just looked at him like "err, no thanks". Genius. See, he's so not over with these guys anymore, can't TNA see that? Take away the sick bumps and what is left? Nothing. Seeing as the TNA fans have had no sick bumps from him so far look how quickly they got bored of him. Ok two things I may have mentioned previously. Timer in the corner of the screen. Don't like it. Six sided ring. Don't like it. Good God does Jeff not know how to work a crowd at all? There's a small "Lets go Hardy" chant going on so as Monty Brown circles him Jeff slaps him in the face. Now, immediately the crowd boo him. Ok, If Hardy wins, he's going into the match with Jarrett as the face. So, either Monty's gonna win and they want to make him seem more like a babyface, or Jeff's an idiot. I guess either are possible. However the slap did illicit a gorgeous smile from the Alpha Male, swoon. He has the best smile. Monty's beating Hardy up, I like it. Usual Monty Brown offence, forearms, punches, and some wear down moves. Once again the crowd are not cheering for the supposed number one face in the company, they are cheering for his opponents finishing move. Pounce, Pounce, Pounce. Then they show Abyss looking on, not sure where from though. Then Raven is seen up in the rafters also looking on. Hmm, Have we seen that somewhere before? Commercial Break. The sooner they get a proper tv deal where they aren't breaking in the middle of matches all the time the better. Jeff comes back, using all the moves we usually see from him, and as always they look sloppy as hell. Hardy hits the Twist of Fate, and the crowd aren't even cheering. Again this move came off really badly. Not sure whether it's that Abyss last week, and Brown this week couldn't sell it right or whether Jeff just doesnt' execute it well. In fact, the crowd are cheering, but they're cheering for Brown to get up. If anyone is watching these crowd reactions surely they're going to put Brown into the main event? They're chanting pounce again. Ref Bump, and Hardy going up for the Swanton. He hits it, crowd still don't cheer, and the referee is still down. Abyss comes into the ring and hits the Blackhole Slam on Hardy. Brown hits the pounce on Abyss. I was interested to see what the move looked like on a big guy like Abyss and to be honest it comes across quite well. Abyss sells it quite nicely and Brown's looking red hot. Brown is about to go for the Alpha Bomb when Raven comes in with a chair and hits him. Raven then hits the Evenflow and to be honest the sort of boos he's getting almost sound like the sort that Boss Man and X Pac used to get. Not the sort of heat you want. Hardy hits the twist of fate and he's won. Great. The main event at Victory Road will suck.


Backstage to Dusty Rhodes who's with Shane Douglas. This should be good, these two are awesome on the mic. Dusty looks happy that Hardy just won, as he was the one that bought him into TNA. Douglas asks Dusty what he meant when he said he was upping the ante. Dusty says that all will become clear later tonight and that his work with Jeff Hardy is just about done. Vince Russo comes in and asks what ante he is upping. Rhodes tells Russo he can run the company better than him and that they should let the people decide. Russo says that November 7th, it's election year, they will let the people decide. If the people want Dusty Rhodes as DOA, they can have him. Douglas facial expressions through all this are as always superb. Russo walks off set and Rhodes turns into some kinda presidential candidate and turns to the camera. "Hi, I'm Dusty Rhodes, and I approve this message". Superb.


Little video package announcing four more names to add to the X division gauntlet at Victory Road. A match which will of course be crap just like the last one. Shark Boy. Joy, lets get excited. Chad Collyer. Even better, he doesn't even work an X division style. Amazing Red. Well, he may be a midget but he rules so no complaints there. Sonjay Dutt. Crap and completely over matched in everything he's in. Basically I think what they are trying to tell us is that it's going to be pretty much exactly the same lineup as the last one.


Jason Pocaro's on his way to the ring. Cool, looking forward to seeing him wrestle. Who is he by the way? He's wrestling Petey Williams, a guy with loads of talent, who it is hard to give a damn about so the last thing he needs is a nobody in the ring with him. Why not give him a win over someone who the fans at least know as he goes into Victory Road. Williams is wrestling really well, Pocaro is wrestling really badly. Williams goes for the Canadian Destroyer but d'Amore shouts fom ringside to stop him and he does the Styles Clash instead. Williams gets the win. Ok, pointless match but at least they tried to hype the Williams Styles match for Victory Road. Brilliant. d'Amore gets in the way of the camera and when he moves Williams is wearing an AJ Styles hooded waistcoat and starts thumping his chest like AJ. Nice, I like that. One thing it does point out though is that Petey Williams is about 2/3 the size of his manager. I don't like guys who have a manager bigger than them. Just makes them look small. Styles hits the ring and at last they're doing a good hype job on this one. AJ fights them off and all's good. I liked that.


Little video of Gilberti, Swinger and Trinity. "You got a problem with the NYC, you get you teeth knocked out". Hmm, I thought Gilberti lost a loser leaves TNA match a month or two ago. The video looks good though and the music is cool. Trinity looks just awesome but then she always does. I would say that she's going to marry me one day but I'm always put off by the fact that Draven had cybersex with her. I'm not keen for his sloppy seconds. For the love of God, why didn't they do this in the first place. This video was awesome, Gilberti and Swinger look credible, the music's hot, Trinity is freaking outstanding. Then it just says on the screen "New York Connection....... coming soon". This video was superb, except that the NYC came, and then went, and now they're back. So not so much coming soon as flipping about like a yoyo. However, as I said, this video was great, and if they'd done this sort of thing first time round then people might have cared about them.


Eric Stevens, Spyder Nate Webb and John Thadeio come out to the ring. Another squash match then. Well, at least I'm getting to see someone from that stinking pile of crap CZW get squashed. 3LiveKru. The crowd go wild for them. Wicked, these guys rule. Killings is awesome and the othre two can stlil work tag matches and talk ok. I do wish Konnan would learn a new catchphrase. I so don't want to hear him still say "Let me speak on this, yadda yadda yadda". James then does the "ladies and gentleemen, boys yah yah yah". He does throw in an interesting little bit though about them going on and not caring who they get at Victory Road but they want the tag team titles before finishing it off. The jobbers jumpstart the match. Complete squash and over in one minute. The crowd went wild for 3lk though.


Backstage to Shane Douglas and Jeff Jarrett. Douglas asks Jarrett what was meant by "upping the ante" for the World title match. Jarrett basically goes on about how he's gonna beat him. Then Douglas asks about the Outsiders. "Hogan's an Outsider, he's been here, Sting's an Outsider, he's been here, is Austin an outsider? Who are we talking about here?" Jarrett tells Douglas to get real, that there are only two real Outsiders, and that's Scott Hall and Kevin Nash. Jarrett's got some good news and some bad news. Good news, Scott Hall is coming in and he's coming in on Jarrett's side. Bad news Kevin Nash is apparently coming in on the other side. Jarrett tells Nash that TNA is his world, welcome to planet Jarrett, he's given him a global warning. Anyone else think that Hall and Nash are gonna screw over Hardy and reunite to give Jarrett the win? Wouldn't that be a shocker. I really hope they don't do that. And incidentally why is Hall coming in on Jarrett's side when last time we saw him in TNA they were feuding? And, why is Nash coming in on Hardy's side when he has no affilliation to him at all?


Oh no, 6 points of Impact with Jeff Hammond. Nightmare. He's wandering about in Atlanta at the GNC strength thing. Well it's all about Victory Road apparently and number 1 is that it's a new beginning, first three hour pay per view. I love the way that every time they say "the old world is crumbling" a video of Hulk Hogan on the floor bloodied from Jarrett's guitar is shown. That's superb. Number 2, what effect will the Outsiders have on Victory Road. Number 3, Roddy Piper will be there for In the Pit with Piper. Number 4 the X Division. Styles Vs Williams and the gauntlet match. Number 5, how will Dusty Rhodes and Vince Russo impact Victory Road. Number 6 the World Title. Jeff Jarrett Vs Jeff Hardy. This as always was crap, Hammond is useless and shouldn't be on tv.


Woohoo Bryan Gamble's back after getting squashed by Jarrett. Looks like he's about to get squashed again. Genius, Gamble's going round the ring trying to high five people and flezing his muscles when Raven cracks him with a chair from behind. Brilliant. Apparently this is supposed to be Brian Gamble against Abyss, but Raven's just interjected himself. Hmm, hang on a minute, they're about to try and shove Abyss and Raven into a match for Victory Road. They've got nothing else for them to do so they're gonna throw together a quick feud, I bet ya. Raven grabs a mic. Apparently Monty Brown, Jeff Hardy and Abyss are all competent but journeyman compared to him. Raven should be, and will be NWA World Heavyweight Champion. Jeff Jarrett should fear him. Raven's gonna get inside his skull, he's gonna crawl inside his veins, he's gonna rip out his bonemarrow? Steady on, that's a bit harsh. He's gonna spit in his lungs and he's gonna stick forks in his brain. Monty Brown comes into the ring and attacks Raven. Actually maybe they're gonna push those two into a match for Victory Road. Seeing as their match last week was so God awful that makes sense. Abyss comes in and Brown's fighting them both off. Then Raven tries to superkick Monty and hits Abyss. Abyss blackhole slams Monty Brown. Abyss and Raven fight but the TNA security and referees come out and separate them. As usual in this over used situation in TNA, they keep breaking away from the security momentarily to attack before being separated again. Brown, Abyss and Raven are all trying to get at each other.


Tales from the Pit. Piper giving a little promo, should be good. Piper talks about the first ever Piper's pit, and where it went from there. He generally comes across as unpredictable and mildly crazy. It's pretty cool and does a good job of making Piper's Pit look like an interesting addition to Victory Road.


Tag Team titles on the line next as Christopher Daniels and James Storm defend against Team Canada's Bobby Roode and the crap ugly jobber one that nobody cares about. Oh yeah, sorry that's all of them except for Williams. Anyway, Zbysko joins Tenay for commentary. They talk about how the rest of Team Canada, and Harris and Skipper are banned from ringside. Match starts but then goes into a commercial break. When we come back they show footage of d'Amore trying to come to the ring in the break but Zbysko sending him off backstage. Daniels and Storm look pretty good, Roode and Young don't look that bad but nothing special as usual. The crowd are making loads of noise during this main event which is great. Such a different to the days in the Asylum. Roode and Young are starting to get on the offensive and it's getting dull as they don't really have any interesting offence. Lots of near falls, lots of saves. Eric Young rolled Daniels up and won the match. Crap. They suck and shouldn't be tag champs. Not to mention that these belts are changing hands way too much right now.

Backstage to Shane Douglas who is searching for Jeff Hardy. Douglas walks round a corner backstage and finds Jeff Hardy on top of a ladder. Now, Hardy has his face painted and doesn't say a word. He behaves like a French street mime or something and apparently this all means that he's challenging Jarrett to make the match at Victory Road a ladder one.




Better show than last weeks. Still not very good though. The booking is weak at the moment and they seem to be pannicking going into Victory Road. It seems to me like they're in worse financial shape than they are letting on because it's starting to remind me of the way Heyman booked as ECW was going down, ie, very very badly and nonsensical. Get Jeff Hammond off the show. Don't give Team Canada tag team titles. Don't put Jeff Hardy in your Pay Per View main event. Don't have the Outsiders involved for no reason. Bring them in sure, but have a purpose to it.

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Yeah ive watched this myself, strange really considering we shared the torrent lol


Hardy vs Brown match wasnt all that bad for an opener. Better than having it for the main event at least. I wasnt really shocked at Hardy getting the win but I was appauled TNA stuck his lyrics back over his music. Shockingly bad.


I too was really excited to see Swinger, Glen and Trinity back on the screen with no Vito. I hope they continue to build this right they could be really excellent when brought back on as long as they dont have Glen Gilberti hitting everyone with a Tennis Racket again or putting them in poor feud with Rapping Clowns...no offence to ICP, theyre good at what they do btu cmon not wrestling, then again we all know why they left, bigger than JJ and all....anyways great video as Jayden said...Baseball bats suit them.


Spyder Nate Webb? The Xplosion jobber? Why do those 3 guys have Abysmo Negros music to come out to? He wasnt a jobber and now they stole his music damn them, damn them all to hell.


When they announced another 4 people in the X Gauntlet I was praying and hoping when he said making his return to TNA wrestling...he should of said HECTOR GARZA but no we have to suffer Sonjay "ignorant" Dutt. I say ignorant because he cant even take 2 seconds to type hi.


Anyways fairly decent main event but I cant see the point in switching the tag belts once again, there really is no need. there was no need to take them off Skipper and Harris just to give them to their partners. So why even stop all that and put them on team Canada. lets hope they have something decent planned for them at victory Road...I dunno like maybe Triple X vs AMW vs team Canada vs Naturals or something like that...


anyway slightly better show but they really need to start gtting more solid booking to hype VR better

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I liked the show pretty good. The reason Jeff Hardy is main eventing is because he is their biggest commercial name. The oponer was pretty good and so was themain event. Minus Ron Killings 3LK is just plain crap. Spyder Nate Webb is the official Xplosion jobber and he jobbed again this week to Abyss. Xplosion had a great main event it was A.J Styles vs. Alex Shelly vs. Chris Sabin. All three men put on a phenominal performance. Xplosion was actually better than Impact this week. That is NOT GOOD.
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I liked the show pretty good. The reason Jeff Hardy is main eventing is because he is their biggest commercial name.

I realise that but it's no good trying to win new fans (which hardy won't) when it's going to cost you your existing ones. Besides, Hardy came in a while ago, and that was the time he might bring in new fans, not after he's been there a couple of months.

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glad you like the avatar dude. it's pink and everything. yeah rvd, see that's my point. hardy may have attracted new fans when he joined, but that's it. his name value only counts for the first month or so, and then he has to prove he's still entertaining. which he's not. he's boring the hell out of me in TNA right now.
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