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Zero-1: Hoshikawa in a coma, brain bleed the cause.

Evil Gringo

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In Zero One this pass Sunday (the 17th) the Jr Heavyweight title was on the line as former GHC and IWGP Junior champ and current Zero One junior ace Takaiwa faced Hoshikawa in a Cage Match for the title.


For the finish Hoshikawa was powerbombed 10 feet down (the top of the cage used) and then Lariated hard for the fall... He fell back uprotected and crashed into the mat out cold. He began snoring straight away, a sign in an out cold person of a potential brain bleed.


He was rushed to the hospital straight away and Ohanti, Takaiwa and others stayed with him and he had to have a craniotomy (opening of the skull) to stem the bleed. He is in ICU now still out cold and in a paralysed state. It was diagnosed as being caused by the head blows he took on the 2nd and 3rd but the final straw was yesterday.


My hopes go out to all his family and friends, I'd hate to see another puro tradegy.

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