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Wrestlemania Predicitons


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Undisputed world title

Triple H vs Chris Jericho


> I think Triple H will get the win with Steph costing Y2J the title by mistake, plus she’ll get a pedigree.


Hogan Vs The Rock


> After Hogan pinned Rock on Raw, I expect Rock to pin Hogan at Mania.


Steve Austin Vs Scot Hall


> I’m expecting Nash to interfere and help Scot Hall win.


Ric Flair vs. The Undertaker


> Undertaker gets the win, with the help of David Flair.


Kane Vs Kurt Angle


> I think Kane will win, as he needs a win!


Edge Vs Booker T


> Edge!


I C Title

Regal Vs RVD


> RVD wins


European Title

Christian Vs DDP


> Christian gets the win.


Tag team title

Billy and Chuck Vs APA Vs Dudleys Vs Hardy's


> Hardys get the win.


Womans Title

Jazz Vs Trish Vs Lita


> Trish wins.


I’m surprised Test and Rikishi aren’t on the show, I’m sure them 2 could have had an angle.


Overall the card is ok, although I cant say I'm that looking forward to it, but it is Wrestlemania, so hopefully it will deliver!

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Guest Perfection

HHH VS Jericho


HHH will align with Steph turning heel and seeing as its in Canada, Jericho will return to be face. HHH wins.


Hogan VS Rock

Rock will win


and i cant be bothered to write anymore

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I don't care about Rock, Hogan, Shane, or Hart. I'm only interested in Jericho v HHH. The other matches hold no significance for me. I want Y2J to win but we all know HHH will win..athough i want this to happen....


nWo screw The Rock, Austin and HHH out of wins. That leads to a big HHH/Rock/Austin v nWo feud where HHH can screw them during a big match and join nWo himself.

Meanwhile, this will allow Jericho to take on people BESIDES the usual guys. If he stays heel, feud him with Benoit, RVD or Edge. If he turns face, put him against Angle or Storm. Simple.


Besides that, Rock will win. Hall will win. Hardyz will win. Lita will win. Taker will win. Kane will win. Edge will win. DDP and Christian is undecided and can't be bothered about the rest. :D

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WWF Title Match


HHH - Steph screw job, Jericho will probaly be over huge with the crowd


Rock vs Hogan




Austin vs Hall

Can't see Austin jobbing here so he'll probaly to the superman routine and kill both Nash and Hall


Tag Titles


The Gay Duo to retain


IC Title


RVD goes over like every other Face in an IC match at Mania






Shampoo Match


Edge goes over to please the hometown crowd


Angle vs Kane


Angle cheats to win meaning they can get another PPV out of the feud


Womens Title


Same as Edge, Trish goes over to please hometown crowd


Test/Storm/Hennig v Rikishi/Scotty/Albert


Test or Lance storm get the win here but the other 3 dance afterwards

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Guest Matt Diamond
I personally think it'd be great if the Rock beat Hogan cleanly then later tunred heel an joined the NWO by helpin Hall beat Austin , as revenge for what Austin did to him last yr at WMANIA, kicking of a summer feud betwen the 2 , an in Jericho/HHH it would be cool if NWO has some backstage altercation with HHH earlier in the night, they jump n ring an try to beat him up wen HBK an X-Pac return an help HHH win kickin off an NWO V DX war altho that surely wont happen, will it?
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I have a feeling that there's gonna be some kind of controversy in the Triple H vs Chris Jericho match, no doubt involving Stephanie.


This would result in Vince recognizing Jericho as Champion, while Flair recognizes Triple H.


Then, the Undisputed title would split up again with one belt going to the Raw show and one to the SmackDown! show, nicely setting up the roster split.

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