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Review *Man on fire*

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Film Review Man On Fire

The film stars Denzel Washington, Dakota Fanning, Marc Anthony, Mickey Rourke & Christopher Walken & is directed by Tony Scott.


The Hollywood remake rolls on with a re-imagining of the old 1980’s film staring Scott Glenn & Joe Pesci.


Director Scott has created a film one part Ransom one part Death Wish & one part Point Blank (or Payback if you will) but it never feels like a clichéd film thanks to fine acting & some quality action scenes. Ex Marine John Creasy (Washington) is visiting his old war buddy Rayburn (Walken) in Mexico City when he is offered a job of Guarding the Daughter, Pita, (Fanning) of Samuel & Lisa Ramos (Anthony & Radha Mitchell).


Samuel cant find an expensive bodyguard but his lawyer Jordan (Rourke) advises him to find one anyway which he does in Creasy. Creasy comes cheap(er) due to his alcohol addiction & his suicidal tendencies, naturally the Ramos’s don’t know of this. Creasy may be an alcoholic but he is always a sympathetic one thanks to Washington’s fine acting.


The cast is very good for the most part with Creasy / Denzel & Pita / Fanning & their relationship in particular standing out. The main bulk of the film deals with setting up that relationship & then Pita’s kidnapping & Creasy as the one-man army going after the kidnappers.


So the plot though nothing new is good, the acting is never below par & the direction & photography is outstanding so this is the perfect film right? Well not quite there are a few problems. Firstly is the running time at 146 minutes its quite long with a twist that will either ruin the film or make you stand up & cheer (depending on how the film has made you feel up to that point). Also some of the characters are dropped or half forgotten for large chunks for the film, Walken in particular just vanishes never to be seen again.


Overall though I must say these are minor faults in an otherwise flawless Diamond of a film. Watch it now with my recommendation you won’t be disappointed.

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I love Christopher Walken, and I'm as big a Denzel fan as anyone else (Except fat, coloured women who call him Den-ZELL and dream of marrying him because he played a sensative guy in The Preacher's Wife). However, this was just pure generic action revenge thriller mince that belongs in the 80's with untalented muscle men in the lead role.


I appreciate that Washington tried to bring a little extra to the part, but for the majority of the film I was unimpressed. The trailer made the film look pretty funky, but at the end of the day I've seen this done many times before, with more style. It might have some great acting talent in it (Denzel, Walken, Dakota Fanning who played the wee girl in Friends who convinced Joey that he should let Monica and Chandelor buy the house, leading to the superb "You know I'm afraid of little girl ghosts!" line), but the film isn't very good at all.

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