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***Official Smackdown Thread - 21st October 2004***


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Oct. 21, 2004


SmackDown! will return to the United States, landing in Rockford, Ill. this week.


There figure to be major repercussions from the events that took place in the United Kingdom last week.


How threatening is the Big Show-Eddie Guerrero alliance to Kurt Angle’s new team of thugs?


After last week’s punishing Hardcore Rules Match with Hardcore Holly, will WWE Champion JBL finally get a moment to relax?


Plus, will Billy Kidman continue his heartless rampage after already putting Miss Jackie and maybe Charlie Haas out of commission?


Also, Chavo Guerrero makes his return and the eight finalists for Tough Enough will be announced.


Don’t miss SmackDown! on UPN (8/7 CT).

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Dark Match:


*Aaron Aguliera pinned Mike Mondo.




*The Dudley Boyz & WWE Cruiserweight champion Spike Dudley defeated the FBI & Funaki.


*The Big Show pinned Akio.


*Kurt Angle forced Hardcore Holly to tap out with the Ankle Lock.


Stay tuned for more.




*Smackdown opens with Torrie Wilson introducing WWE United States champion Carlito Caribbean Cool. Cool tries to hit on Wilson and when she blows him off, he spits apple in her face.


*WWE United States champion Carlito Caribbean Cool pinned Rico.


*Backstage, Teddy Long met up with Booker T. Booker told him he was no longer interested in any tag team matches, but Long convinced him to team with Rey Mysterio and Rob Van Dam against Kenzo Suzuki, Rene Dupree and John Bradshaw Layfield later tonight.


*They did a video package on Billy Kidman’s Shooting Star Press.


*Chavo Guerrero returned as a babyface, thanking everyone for their support while he was hurt. Kidman came out and told Guerrero that it was just an accident, bringing up their history in WCW. Guerrero said that his family was worried about him returning to the ring and his kids told him they were scared he was going to hurt his brain. Kidman blamed the fans, saying that they were animals. It ended up with the two of them getting into it and Guerrero clotheslining Kidman out of the ring.


*In the back, Paul Heyman is informed that Heidenreich has to be brought to the ring in a straightjacket for now on because of his recent actions.


*Heidenreich defeats Shannon Moore. They put the straightjacket back on him after the match, but Heidenreich tells Paul Heyman that he demands Heyman give him the Undertaker and let him face Taker. Undertaker comes out, leading to....


*Undertaker defeated Heidenreich with a tombstone. Heyman is chokeslammed as well.


*Backstage, Torrie Wilson is upset and telling the makeup lady that she can't believe what Carlito Caribbean Cool did to her. Teddy Long apologizes and says he's going to talk to Cool.


*Long finds cool and questions him as to whether he was in the nightclub when John Cena was attacked. Cool says that he told the police he doesn't hang with thugs. Long says he's heard differently. Cool says he's not saying anything else until he speaks to his lawyer.


*Backstage, Booker T is warming up when Orlando Jordan says John Bradshaw Layfield would like to speak to him before the match.


*Mark Jindrak pinned Eddie Guerrero. Guerrero went for the frog splash when Luther Reigns tried to get involved. Guerrero hit him. Kurt Angle ran to the ring and slid the ring bell to Jindrak, who put it on his chest. When Guerrero hit the splash, he knocked himself out on the bell and was pinned. Guerrero left under his own power.


*Backstage, Rey Mysterio and Rob Van Dam are talking when Booker T asks them to stay out of his way. He walks off. Van Dam and Rey agree to watch each other's backs.


*John Bradshaw Layfield and Orlando Jordan meet with Booker T. Booker insults Layfield, saying that he used to be from Texas and now he's from New York. He calls Jordan a houseboy.


*Rob Van Dam & Rey Mysterio & Booker T defeated WWE champion John Bradshaw Layfield & WWE Tag Team champions Rene Dupree & Kenzo Suzuki. Van Dam and Rey wouldn't tag in Booker since they didn't trust him. It ended up with RVD out on the floor and Rey being forced to tag Booker. Booker acts like a heel then turns on JBL, clearing house and winning with the Ax Kick on JBL.


After they go off the air...


*John Bradshaw Layfield demands everyone's name as they were a witness to his match being stolen from him. Layfield says that he hasn't lost in a year and he was coming off a trip to Europe. He makes excuses and demands everyone's name and address, insulting the fans at the same time.

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I dunno. Maybe its just me, but I really liked the show this week. What I saw of it anyway. I missed the Carlito match so I still dont know what his finish is,but I bet its a damn sleeper hold. Don't ask me why.

If anyone knows his finish, what the hell is it? If its a sleeper then I really don't wanna know....lousy sleeper hold!


It seems like they are trying to give RVD and Rey a boost as a tag team. They have the double team thing down. Renee Dupree looked like he hated that double dropkick! They just need to work on the look. A name would be good also.


Book also really impressed me, and that is something that is not very easy to do. I would love to see him deliver a message from the people and rip the redneck right off of JBL! I haven't been a Book mark for awile and it was kinda nice to like him again.


Was the thing with Cena in the nighclub a work?

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Booker was impressive on Smackdown tonight. I haven't seem move that fast in a while. I was into Shannon Moores new look, too bad they sent him to get squashed by Psychoriech. I'm starting to like Smackdown better than Raw lately!


-> Maxx, Carlito used a "finishing" move tonight and it wasn't a sleeper... lol.

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So, the odds just shortened on JBL v Booker for the title in the not so distant futere. And, i dont know why, but ive always hated that Overdrive move. It just doesn't look like it does enough damage. Haven't seen the majority of SD yet, but it looks promising. Cant wait to see how cringeworthy Heidenrich in his straight jacket looks.

Oh, and the Cena thing was a work, so he could make his movie.

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I think Booker will be a short term contender for JBL's title. Angle will be the contender after that, getting ready for an Angle v Undertaker story for Wrestlemania. As for Triple C, I like the new move, however, I don't think the recipient's head makes contact with the mat when he lands, which kinda takes the impact away for me.
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Good for Booker T is all I can say. The heel gimmick was really not panning out too great for him' date=' and seeing him back as a face will put a smile on my face. Hopefully a title shot on the way, I mean, a title run would surely be asking too much???[/quote']


I actually think they will give Booker a run with the title, they should make him win it at Survivor Series, if not i can defintely seeing him getting it at Armageddon. Then he will most like lose it to Angle at the Rumble, who will probably lose the title to Undertaker at Mania.

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