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*** WWE Taboo Tuesday 2004 PPV Discussion Thread ***


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PPV Quiz and Chat


As is our monthly tradition here at Talk Wrestling Online, we will be holding our monthly PPV Quiz and Chat night. Head over to the TWO chatroom at 8.00pm to enter our highly popular quiz, with your host Colin! Then from 9pm until 11pm, why not stay along for a good ol' chat about the PPV with all the TWO regulars? The more, the merrier.


WWE Taboo Tuesday Quiz and Chat

Tuesday 19th October 2004

(UK Times)


Quiz: 8.00 - 9.00pm

Chat: 9pm - 11pm


For more info click here.


PPV Prediction League


Post your predictions below – anyone can enter!





This coming Tuesday, live on pay-per-view, Triple H will be in for the battle of his career. For the first time, The Game will be heading into a World Heavyweight Championship Match against an unknown opponent. Will it be Shawn Michaels? Will it be Edge? Or will it be Chris Benoit? You decide. Voting begins Monday night at 10 p.m. ET.


  • World Heavyweight Championship
    Triple H vs Chris Benoit OR Edge OR Shawn Micheals
  • Intercontinental Championship
    Chris Jericho vs ?
  • World Tag Team Championship
    La Resistance vs ? (The remaining two wrestlers from the World Title match)
  • Submission OR Steel Cage OR Falls Count Anywhere Match
    Randy Orton vs. Ric Flair
  • Weapons Match - lead pipe OR steel chair OR chain
    Kane vs. Gene Snitsky
  • Loser becomes Servant OR Wears a dress for a month OR Gets his head shaved bald
    Eugene vs. Eric Bischoff
  • Women's Championship - Fulfill Your Fantasy Battle Royal - Wrestling in either French Maid OR Schoolgirl OR Nurse outfits
    Trish Stratus vs. Gail Kim vs. Victoria vs. Molly Holly vs. Nidia vs. Jazz vs. Stacy Keibler
  • Aerobics Challenge OR Lingerie Pillow Fight OR Evening Gown Match
    Christy vs. Carmella

How to order the PPV



Live on Sky Sports 1 at 1am. Dont forget Raw will be airing just before from 11pm-1am also on Sky Sports 1!



See WWE.com - Taboo Tuesday



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I thought this was a pretty good PPV.


Im interested to see where they are going with this Benoit/Edge/HBK/HHH thing, and that to me is a sign of a good angle. Benoit and Edge win Tag Titles, Edge screws HBK out of World Title, I just keep wondering whats gonna happen next.


Nice to see Shelton take the IC Title, it belongs on someone like him not someone like Jericho who's held it about 10 times and is a former World Champion.


Surprised to see Kane job on PPV AGAIN!!!!!!, Also you can cleary tell that the voting wasnt rigged, as i think the WWE were expecting the Steel Chair to be the weapon, hence the finish. It also made the Chain vote count for nothing really.


Surprised also to see Bischoff get his head shaven, but looks better with it short.


I cant say what i was doing during the 2 diva matches :D


Overall good show :xyx

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Strange, as I said earlier i thought it was a good ppv, but reading reports you would think it was awful


Flair ahowed why he is still better than HHH by putting orton over big time, and hopefully by the looks of it we could have a face turn so that Flair can manage his protege.


Edge turning might actually breath some life into the stalest character around

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Taboo Tuesday went pretty much as expected for me, I knew HBK was injured and that he would be voted in, so him winning the title with an injury would have been a bit far fetched


I hoped that Shelt would get the I.C title which he did. I thought I'd joke about with my vote for that match - so I voted for Chuck Palumbo - quite possibly the biggest goon in wrestling - ever! I voted for him cos I met him at the Meet & Greet and he's a boring f**k so it would have been nice seein him have his ass handed 2 him by Y2J.

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Sounded like an alright PPV, although the company still has the same problems, the booking is so on the fly its ridiculous, with absolutely no long term objectives. I'm guessing surely HHH has to face Jericho now or Benjamin, because there is really nobody else to face?! Benoit again, I mean HBK for the one billionth time was getting boring, although I guess this match had a reason with Edge and such. But I'm guessing surely it's got to be HHH v Jericho, Benoit v Edge, and well as for Orton erm I dunno Snitsky? That's the problem its just guess work. They have to keep Orton away from HHH, but who exactly can he feud with? Batista seems the most logical thinking about.


The PPV seemed alright from reports, they just need some direction, and not chuck everything together the day before, and hope it works.

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I thought it was a pretty good show. Maybe the concept of it made it a bit more fresh than a normal show.


I wasn't surprised in the least that Benoit came last in the poll as I'm sure I'm not the only one out there who didn't want to see Benoit jobbing to Triple H. My vote went to Edge. Triple H-Benoit wouldn't have been bad though. People go on about how we've seen them face each other a million times when in reality they've only faced each other one on one twice this year. One time was a TV show.


I thought the IC Title match was good and I like Benjamin's finisher. Giving him the belt is a good move. Jericho doesn't need it and I hope he never has that belt again. He should be in and around the World title picture.


I can't believe they made Bischoff shave his hair. Well, actually I can. I'm sure Vince is sitting down right now plotting another way to humiliate the Bisch.


HBK put on a gutsy effort in the World title match. I'm really liking where this Edge/Benoit/HBK thing is going. Could make for some interesting storylines although I'm assuming HBK will be out a few months.


The steel cage match I enjoyed. Nobody blades like Flair. Interesting twist at the end with the handshake. I was near sure Flair was going to low blow Orton.


Good show I thought.

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Taboo Tuesday went pretty much as expected for me, I knew HBK was injured and that he would be voted in, so him winning the title with an injury would have been a bit far fetched


I hoped that Shelt would get the I.C title which he did.

And so why didn't you enter the Predictions? If you knew this was going to happen, you could have ruled this month, no? :D

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On the Jericho dropping the IC title front, I personally think that was the obviously plan all along and the reason Jericho was given the IC title seemingly out of the blue. Jericho's job is to get over the talent in his high midcard role, to give them a big scalp prior to remaining high midcard/low main event so him doing so for this event seemed the obvious thing for me. I thought prior to the event that Jericho was only given the title to pass it to someone else, and thats what happened and think it was a great move. Got over a new guy and not lost Y2J any credibility, so the sign of a good job all round. I was disappointed it was Shelton that recieved the shot though, as this was the chance for someone different to get a crack for once but meh thats life. Just shows how popular the lad is which can only be a good thing.


Overall, a really good show but as was said I think that was due to the novelty of the online voting. I can see the WWE making it a monthly thing that one match will be determined by online voting, maybe even a online title belt?

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hmmm, how this PPV did not suck is a mystery up there with Vince being suprised that Bischoff dyed his hair. Although to be fair I didn't see all of it, as I forgot it was on. (Youd think the name would have given me a clue.) The title match, although not that great, did IMO give us the best selling in recent memory by Michaels. Nicely sidestepped the scream unconvincingly routine when in the figure four and seriously looked in agony . Not quite sure why the cage was the main event. I thought it was a great match, but was to short if you ask me. Although Im not to pleased that the lasting image was not Trish's skirt/belt but Flairs wrinkly ass crawling along the middle of the ring.
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they used the same cameras that they used for the heat before summerslam (when summerslam started they switched back to regular) I am sure someone has a bit more knowledge on this but basically the different cameras produce are more documentary style picture to me rather than the standard wrestling picture. i am surprised they did a whole PPV using them
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I agree with most opinions voiced so far that Taboo Tuesday was surprisingly good. I just loved Vince ordering Coach to strip down and put the dress on :lol . I laughed so hard I fell off my sofa. :stupid


On a more serious note though, I am disappointed that Kane jobbed again. He could have gotten the win and then have Snitsky jump him after the match. This latest job makes Kane look so weak.......bring back the Big Red Machine!!

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Do people think the way Snitksy went over Kane shows there was some truth to the rumours about Kane packing in/considering packing in the WWE and asking for more money? Kind of a kicking him back into shape type move so typical of the WWE, or just a precursor for if he has to go off to film his movie Eye Scream Man?
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I thought the first and last matches were the best of the night. Although, I would have liked to see someone different up against Y2J. That's why I voted for Stevie Richards. The voting seemed to go the way that wwe was pushing. There were a few too many novelty matches for my liking, but the whole ppv was a novelty show I guess. I don't know about anyone else but I thought Molly's schoolgirl costume was absolutely pathetic.
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I enjoyed the whole PPV The I.C title match was gr8 i enjoyed it so much and it was nice to see the respect between them both for the comic relief i really enjoyed The Coach Eugene Vince and bischoff segment and also the Diva match all in all i thought it was a really solid PPV even though you could see the poll was rigged for most of the matches it was quite enjoyable
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I really enjoyed the PPV, It didn't start so well, Shelton seems overated to me, but Jericho is now free to go to the main event. I was glad Trish retained, but the battle royal was crap. The fun really started when the Kane vs Stitsky came on, the chain must be the most awkward weapon to work with, but I thought they did a great job, I am now a fully flegged Gene fan, I'm a real mark for monster heels, and It seems that they've made Snitsky the new monster, I really didn't see it coming, I thought Kane would squash him, but Gene squashed Kane, it was great! Beniot winning the tag titles on his own was interesting. HHH vs Michaels should have been terrible, due to Shawn's injury, but I really liked it, the outcome was obvious, but the finish was a surprise to me, I'd gotten so into the match that I'd forgoten all about Edge, He's finally a heel, and I liked the way it was done.It was a wise move, moving it from the main event. The cage match was very entertaining, who says Flair should retire? his performance was outstanding IMO, I wasn't so keen on the finish, I too was expecting a low blow, and really don't want Flair to turn face. Overall the best WWE ppv in months. 8/10
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I think kane did a hell of a job' date=' he sold a hell of a lot, made Snitsky look like a monster and they have a good injury angle for him whilst he goes to make his WWE film. Its a shame Kane wasn't given the win but I can understand why they went with that storyline[/quote']


For some reason the whole snitsky angle with kane has hit a bit of a nerve with me and i actully stayed up till 2am just to watch this match, beliving that kane would come down to the ring and squash snitsky so i could go to bed with a smile on my face saying "yeah that showed you". What did i get?

The total opposite lets face it that was a 20 minute squash at not one point during that match did you think Oh here we go Kanes going to win here.

Looks as if Snitskys going to get a mega push.


Just what we need another big heel.

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an interesting ppv...the concept was certainly different and it did make it seem like a special event while watching it


bejamin vs y2j...good opener as you would expect...crowd was a bit disappointing


diva battle royal...match sucked...wasn't meant to be a match though...nice display of tna


snitsky vs kane...pretty good brawl suprisingly enough...the injury angle at the end was very well done and gives kane the time off for his movie...kane did a great job here of making snitsky look good


eugene vs bischoff...match wasn't good...the after match antics were kinda entertaining though...vince was great as usual - is there a funnier thing then vince's power walk?


la res vs edge/benoit...standard tag match...not bad


carmella vs christy...pretty bad...girls looked nice though


hbk vs triple h...this was really good....with michaels injury they had to work a different match and pulled it off quite well...hbk was awesome here and sold like a champ - although i don't know how much selling was involved since he is really injured...either way a great performance once again by michaels


orton vs flair...good match...flair made orton look like a star and the ending moment with them embracing was very well done


overall i'd say i enjoyed the ppv, with the last two matches saving the show big time...the crowd was a bit disappointing as they were kind of quiet

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