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Guest STEVIEM2004

Hello, one and all, allow me to introduce myself as I am new to this forum. Stevie M's the name and talking about professional wrestling is my game.


For starters, I would like to make my predictions for the upcoming Taboo Tuesday pay-per-view and what most likely will happen during these matches.


First off, we have the nephew Vs uncle matchup, pitting the "special" talent, Eugene vs the sinister Eric Bischoff in what I am certain will be a hair vs hair match because let's face it, Eugene would need to get that horrible mop of hair on his head shaved off. So that is why I am predicting that Bischoff will walk away victorious with assistance from a very unlikely source, William Regal. As you know, Regal was saying that he isn't really fussed on playing a face and likes playing the heel character better so don't be surprised to see him come out and deliver the Power Of The Punch to Eugene allowing Bischoff to pick up the easy pinfall.


It will be obvious that the lead pipe will be the legal weapon of choice in the match between Kane and Gene Snitsky. Vince McMahon's fascination with big men, culminates in the push of this goofy looking individual which all commenced with one swift chair shot to the back of the Big Red Machine as he was allegedly trying to get his pregnant wife, Lita out of the ring and this resulted in of course, Kane and Lita losing their unborn child. Snitsky keeps pointing out that it is not his fault but they think otherwise and Kane will carry out his promise that Snitsky is a dead man. I was very surprised that Kane was left laying in a pool of his own blood at MSG a couple of weeks ago. Snitsky sure as hell did a number on him with the lead pipe and Kane will be gunning for revenge in this sure to be heated bout. As for the winner, naturally I will have to go for Kane on this one. A devastating blow to the head with the lead pipe, followed by a chokeslam and pin should do the trick.


The women's title battle royal is next on my list and I sure as hell hope to God that we don't have to hear Trish Stratus on the mic before the match because she is the most god awful stick worker on RAW. If she played the heel without having to speak, things would be sweet. I reckon there will be two title changes max in this card and this match will see one of them. I shall go for Stacy Keibler who has been the proverbial thorn in Stratus's side, the last couple of weeks, if she is participating of course.


Legend vs Legend Killer, The 16 time World Heavyweight Champion, The Nature Boy, Ric Flair VS in his opinion, the "great" Randy Orton. These two have had a couple of impressive segments during the past few weeks, exchanging words and hyping up this match immensely in the process. Orton is looking for retribution after Flair lost him his spot in the voting process to face Triple H for the World Title so I reckon the RKO kid will get the duke over the hyperactive at times, Flair.

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