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Best Frog splash


who was the best frog splash  

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  1. 1. who was the best frog splash

    • rob van dam
    • eddie guerrero
    • dlo brown
    • someone else

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Shiima Nobunaga?


AC Connor?




So I don't upset two of my favourites, I vote for Kamala. His sickening splash to Nick Fayley in the 80's probably killed the man, as we never heard from him again. Although he did kinda look a bit like Mankind. And Dude Love. And Cactus Jack. Hmmmm.

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I think that RVD has the best one at the moment. For some reason though it seemed better in his ECW days. I would like to give an honourable mention to one of my fave's from ECW, Balls Mahoney. He had a very good version of a frog splash too.


To clear up things a little, are we talking about all splashes or frog splashes?

If it's only frog splashes then Jamal, Val Venis, Snuka and the like can't be included as they don't do the frog version.


Art Barr used to do a good one too. That's why Eddie uses it to this day. As a homage and show of respect to his former partner.


I myself had a good version, but I'm humble enough to know it's not in the same league as the above names mentioned.


lol HDC

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Clearly Val Venis has the most under rated frog splash in WWE so he gets my vote


I hate to get anal( :oops ) about these things, but Val Venis' "Money Shot" is not a frog splash. For a frog splash the arms and legs have to move in a pumping fashion. That is why the name was originalycalled a Pump-handle Splash when Art Barr first did it. Eddie didn't like the name and changed it to Frog-splash when he took over the move.


Sorry for being picky, but it says frog-splash on the poll, so we should stick to this version.


lol HDC

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