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New Jack Arrested (again!)


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Taken from thesun.co.uk

A WRESTLER stabbed his opponent 14 times during a professional bout — and has been charged with assault with a deadly weapon.


Horrified onlookers said Jerome Young grabbed a metal spike and repeatedly plunged it into William Lane who collapsed in a pool of blood.


Young, 41 — who fights under the name New Jack — was arrested and claimed he and his 37-year-old opponent had rehearsed a scene in which he used a piece of metal to inflict injury.


Lane was treated and released from hospital.


He told police he had no idea what had pushed his opponent “over the edge”.


His girlfriend Meghan Hancock said: “It was meant to be a hard-core bout, but not violent.


“William got hurt pretty bad.”


A witness said it appeared that Young lost control when he thought Lane was “intentionally trying to hurt him”.


A fan scooped up the spike which has not been recovered by police.


Promoter Maurice Williams said members of the Thunder Wrestling Federation in Jacksonville, Florida, would be checked closely before future bouts.


Young, who is being held in custody at the Duval County Jail, will appear in court on November 2.


Just a bit over the top there dont you think? Also does anyone know who the other guy wrestles as?

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I know he's a f**king psyhco, but what really gets me about this story is that wrestling only makes the news when it's something really bad. It's like their waiting for something like this to happen so they can nail it. Like that article in the sun a while back about Booker T being a former felon (Topical newspaper, only 10 years to late, nice one fellas). It just reminds me that wrestling will never be accepted by the mainstrem public.
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well yeah but lets be honest, how many sports make the news over here when it's for anything other than something bad. football. and basically that's it. there's some of the others on odd occasions but mostly the only sport widely reported over here is football.


what do you expect them to report that's good about it?

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Well they could have said something about the events in Manchester, that was a pretty big deal, It being the first time it they had recorded Raw and Smackdown outside USA and Canada. Im mean they sold out the MEN arena twice in a week, and nothing, not even one mention. I just always get the feeling they think wrestling is beneath them.
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