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WWF Warzone Tournament (Rip off from HBK5000's idea)


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Thats right its what everyone has truely been waiting for, its the WWF Warzone Tournament!! With a stagering 16 Superstars!!!


-Ahmed Johnson


-Shawn Michaels

-Ken Shamrock



-Stone Cold Steve Austin

-Hunter Hearst Helmsley





-British Bulldog

-The Rock Rocky Maivia

-Bret Hart

-Owen Hart


I'll take The Undertaker.

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This is starting to get so boring and predictable. People come to the Gaming Forum to see discussions about Video Games, not 1001 threads repeating the same sodding tournaments for different games. 1 is fine, 2 is okay, 3 is starting to go a bit far, but the 6 or so different ones there are now is just ridicolous.
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We've had this talk already, in this thread.


If you don't like tournaments, you don't need to play. Like I said in that thread, I'll step in when things get really silly, but right now the forum isn't swamped with tournaments, so I'm prepared to let them go.


And for the sake of fun, I choose Ahmed Johnson. Or as he would say:



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