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NFL Update -Week 5


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NFL Update – Week 5


Hello and welcome to a bumper edition of NFL Update for week 5. This week I will be taking a special look at the New England Patriots and their ongoing winning streak, and all the usual features like Game Feature, Jets Talk, Player of the Week and a round up of all the weekends results.


Game Feature: New York Giants @ Dallas Cowboys


This week I got to see my team’s city rivals go head to head with one of the most famous NFL teams around. The game was being played at Texas Stadium, and the crowd was hyped up big time hoping that the Cowboys would extend their season to 3 and 1. The crowd was a major factor in the game, as due to the noise made the Giants offense had to use a silent count on each play. This lead to the center having to look back between his legs each time before the snap, and one count after he lifted his head he would snap the ball. Obviously this was easy to read after a while and the Cowboys defense began to close in on QB Kurt Warner a lot more during the game.

The first quarter was desperately average, with both teams failing on drives before the Giants made a 39-yard drive in 9 plays to set up a 31-yard field goal attempt. Steve Christie duly put the ball through the uprights giving New York a 3-point lead. That was hit with 5.02 left on the clock, and the Cowboys retaliated with a huge 42-yard drive that took them up to the NY 5-yard line. They made a gutsy call playing it on 4th and inches, but failed to get a first down and therefore turned the ball over on downs. New York moved the ball 9 yards before punting it away and seeing out the first quarter. Dallas QB Vinnie Testaverde got straight back into the game on the opening drive of the second quarter, with the Cowboys moving 55 yards in eleven plays. This drive culminated in a Keyshawn Johnson TD off a 7-yard pass from Vinnie. Billy Cundiff converted the point after to put Dallas up 7 to 3. On the following kick off return the Giants only managed 17 yards before turning the ball over thanks to a fumble. The Cowboys were on a roll now as they reached 38 yards in 9 plays, which in turn set up a 41-yard FG attempt. Cundiff made it to push Dallas further into the lead. Little did they know that was to be the last points to go up on the Dallas side of the scoreboard! However on the next Giants drive (if you can call it a drive) they didn’t gain any yards and punted on fourth. Dallas gained 30 yards on the next drive, but they made the same mistake as NY earlier, allowing a fumble to be recovered by the opposition with only 45 seconds left of the half. This was a big mistake, as in only 43 seconds NY progressed 20 yards and set up Christie for a 51 yard FG, which he made without trouble with 2 seconds left.

Into the second half and Dallas were holding on to the lead 10 to 6, but not for much longer. On NY’s first drive (2nd in the half) they marched 86 yards downfield in 10 plays, which culminated in a 1-yard throw from Warner caught by Jeremy Shockey for the TD. The point after was easily converted to give NY the lead again 13 to 10. Dallas tried to retaliate but missed a FG attempt that set NY up on another scoring drive, which took them into the fourth quarter. This drive was 29 yards and it resulted in a 47 yard FG from Christie. Dallas gained a poor 9 yards before turning the ball over on downs yet again, which allowed the Giants to progress 34 yards and allow Christie to hit another FG but this time from 26 yards. With NY leading 19 to 10, the game seemed out of reach for Dallas’s poor offense that had not had much success since dominating the second quarter. And just to add insult to injury the Giants regained the ball after a Dallas punt and went 70 yards forward giving them another TD, this one for Tiki Barber who had been running all over the field all day. That was well deserved, especially after the poor start he has had to the season. Christie hit the PAT which left the game at 26 to 10 with 2:14 left on the clock, and rendering the game well out of the Cowboys reach.

A very entertaining game, even though the Giants won, but at least they can look forward to a week off now! The Cowboys go 2 and 2, maybe next week things will improve as their offense only played one half today!


Results Round-up


Baltimore Ravens (3-2) 17 – Washington Redskins (1-4) 10

Arizona Cardinals (1-4) 28 – San Francisco 49ers (1-4) 31

Carolina Panthers (1-3) 17 – Denver Broncos (4-1) 20

Buffalo Bills (0-4) 14 – New York Jets (4-0) 16

St. Louis Rams (3-2) 33 – Seattle Seahawks (3-1) 27

Cleveland Browns (2-3) 23 – Pittsburgh Steelers (4-1) 34

Jacksonville Jaguars (3-2) 21 – San Diego Chargers (3-2) 34

Detroit Lions (3-1) 17 – Atlanta Falcons (4-1) 10

Tampa Bay Buccaneers (1-4) 20 – New Orleans Saints (2-3) 17

Minnesota Vikings (3-1) 34 – Houston Texans (2-3) 28

New York Giants (4-1) 26 – Dallas Cowboys (2-2) 10

Miami Dolphins (0-5) 10 – New England Patriots (4-0) 24

Oakland Raiders (2-3) 14 – Indianapolis Colts (4-1) 35

Tennessee Titans (2-3) 48 – Green Bay Packers (1-4) 27


Patriots Power


No matter how much I dislike the Patriots and the fact they are dominating the AFC East above the Jets, I am compelled to tell you all about their record-breaking and still ongoing winning streak. It started last season when on Sunday 5th October 2003 the New England Patriots beat the Tennessee Titans by 38 points to 30. Since then the Patriots have been unbeatable, running through both New York teams, Miami (twice), Cleveland, Denver, Dallas, Houston, Indianapolis, Jacksonville and Buffalo in the regular season. They then entered the playoffs in a strong position, and on their way to the Superbowl championship they demolished Tennessee, Indianapolis (again) and finally Carolina in the final. QB Tom Brady played an instrumental part in that season and has become a New England hero over the past few years and shows no sign of stopping.

On to this year, and during pre-season New England only won 1 game out of four, but we all know pre-season doesn’t mean anything anymore. Into the regular season they went with a home game against the Indianapolis Colts, and yet again they were victorious. They kept that momentum going when visiting the Arizona Cardinals and the Buffalo Bills by earning two victories, before returning home for a match against the winless Miami Dolphins. As you can tell by the above score, they won again, which leaves the Patriots on 19 straight wins. It’s going to take something very special or extremely lucky to beat these guys!


Jets Talk


Great news for Jets fans! For only the second time in history Gang Green have won all four of their opening games in a season, and we have a chance to go 5 and 0 next week against the 49ers. But for now lets enjoy our current standing. It looked a bit touch and go though in the final quarter against the Bills this week, the Jets were down 14-13 with 5:58 to go after Buffalo had two 4th quarter TDs to take them into the lead. However Chad Pennington calmly led the team 60 yards to set up Doug Brien with a 38 yard field goal with 58 seconds remaining which put us back in front. Curtis Martin had his string of 100-yard games broken, but he still earned a respectable 77 yards on 22 carries, whilst Wayne Chrebet managed his highest yard total since September 2001 by getting 90 yards on 8 catches. The defense was on the ball yet again, with John Abraham getting 3 sacks and Terrell Buckley getting an important interception with 2 seconds left to keep the game Jets-bound.


Player of the Week


This week the award goes to a player whose team so far this season has been close to abysmal. However this man instigated a huge change in his teams fortunes this week giving them their first win of the season. Yes I am talking about the Tampa Bay Buccaneers second choice Quarterback Brian Griese, who came into the game against the Saints during the first quarter after starting QB Chris Simms injured his arm. It was a blessing in disguise for the Bucs as Griese threw 16 completions in 19 attempts for 194 yards giving Tampa a much needed first season victory.


Wrap Up


What a week eh? Every team managed to rack up points in double figures with Tennessee getting a whopping 48 against the Packers. What has happened to Brett Favre and Green Bay lately? With only one win from five games things are not looking too good at the moment. The four teams who returned from a bye week had mixed results, Minnesota and Detroit gaining victories, while Dallas and Seattle both lost out. Just to add, Seattle’s loss was their first of the year. Next week Philadelphia, Chicago, Cincinnati and Kansas City all return to action next week, while Arizona, Baltimore, Indianapolis and the New York Giants all get a week off.

Some interesting matches this week with Seattle traveling to New England, Carolina away to Philadelphia, and Green Bay making their way to Detroit. So it looks like it will be another exciting week over in the NFL, and I will see you right after, here on TWO with NFL Update!

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