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I'm after ROH tapes, got about 400 tapes to trade with

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Hi there everyone


I'm looking for any ROH shows from October 2003 to present - last one I have is 'Glory By Honor II'. I've got the vast majority of WWF/WWE TV shows/PPV's from the past 5 years - also got a handful of WCW vids (including 2 which I'm looking to sell - Starrcade '90 and Halloween Havoc '91) as well as a lot of ECW. Also got the first 64l TNA tapes, with more to come in about 3-4 weeks. Got a few shoot interviews and the odd Mexican/Japanese/UK tape. Email/PM me for more my detailed, full tape list, if you're interested - I'm off work this week (thank god!) so will be able to get back to you pretty quickly.


Thanks for reading,


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