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Pat Patterson Resigns From WWE Over Triple H Controversy


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Vince McMahon's right hand man looks to be leaving...


It appears as if Pat Patterson has given notice to WWE that he will be leaving the company next week. He gave notice on October 5th, with Taboo Tuesday set to be his final day.


Patterson recently spoke out against how WWE is using Triple H, saying that he is being given too much power and too much storyline focus without creating new stars. Patterson was growing more and more upset with WWE's creative direction as a whole as well. Vince McMahon sent Patterson on the road with the RAW brand a few weeks back to observe and come up with ways to improve the product. Patterson spoke out about Triple H and his growing concern over the company's direction following his run with the RAW crew.


Patterson was always thought of as Vince's right hand man and top "yes man" so it took many by surprise when he spoke out against Triple H. Of course, most believe Triple H to be the second most powerful man in WWE now, behind only Vince himself.


Patterson has been with WWE for 46 years, but that will likely come to an end next week over this controversy with Triple H.


Credit: 1wrestling.com

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