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TWO Battle Royale - 30 TWOites, 48 Hours, 1 Survivor


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TWO Battle Royale


A characterless room lay still, filled with anger, filled with confusion, filled with anxiety and slowly but surely becoming filled with unease. 30 of the people in the room had little idea why they were here, or how they had gotten here. Each one dressed in a blue jumpsuit with a number on, each one with a metal collar around their neck. A door opened and silence filled the room as they saw a man wearing jeans, a Bret Hart t shirt, and a baseballl cap walk into the room escorted on either side by guards. Each guard was wearing camo cargo pants and matching jackets, while carrying menacingly by their sides two sub machine guns. The man in the Bret Hart t shirt turned to face them all, his disfigured face greeting them for the first time as they realised that each and every one of them knew him, they knew him far too well as he began....


"I would like to welcome you all to TWO Island, I'm affraid there won't be any drinks, there will be no festivities. There is merely one reason you are all here and that is death"


the group began talking amongst themselves, mumbling unasily.


"48 hours from now there will be just one of you people alive"


A voice from the floor piped up, it was MachoMat.


"This is crazy, what the hell are you talking about? Nobody's going to die here, this is some sort of sick joke"


Kam simply smiled briefly before his smile turned to a sinister look of disgust.


"You don't believe that anyone is going to die? You think this is a joke? Let me change that opinion. Colin, stand up"


Colin who was also among the thirty sat on the floor stumbled to his feet and began to speak.


"Uh, wha...."


His words were cut short by a bullet sent from the barrel of one of the guard's gun as he stood up. A bullet pierced his skull with such force that it knocked him off his feet and flying back into the back wall. Blood poored from the perfectly shot hole in his head and engulfed his face as his body lie twitching momentarily at the back of the room. Not one person said a word, not one. Even those right at the back of the room who had small parts of Colin's mutilated brain on their bodies sat still too terrified to move. Jaws dropped, mouths opened wide in disbelief at what they had just seen until Kam began to speak again knowing he had firmly grabbed their attention.


"Now, this is why you are here. At the front of this room I have 30 kitbags. Each bag contains enough water to last you for 48 hours. Each bag contains a map of this island which I suggest you study well. Each bag contains a weapon, chosen at random."


Another voice piped up, this time it was A.C. who already had a tear rolling down his face.


"p-p-please, I can't I won't, I w-won't play this game just let me g-g-go"


Kam looked towards A.C., an evil smirk on his face.


"then you shall die. if you choose not to play somebody out there will kill you. In 48 hours there will be just one of you left, if there is not you will all die. You will notice that I have placed electronic collars on you all. These collars will allow us to keep track of you and will monitor your pulse so we know who is still alive. You will not be able to remove them and any attempt to do so will cause the collar to self destruct taking your head off in the process."


immediately some of the people on the floor who had been playing with their collars stopped touching them.


"in addition each zone on the map, in turn, will become a danger zone. For the last 10 minutes of every hour everybody caught in the danger zone will be terminated. I can set off any of these collars and we shall do so if you are caught in such an area. You will hear updates from myself each hour telling you where the next danger zone is and who is already out of the game. Now, in just a moment the first of you will take your kitbag and leave this room. You will venture out into this island and you will try to survive. Two minutes later you will be followed by the next participant. This will continue until you are all out in the island."


Kam walked over to the door about to leave his guards in control of the proceedings.


"Before I leave I should wish you all luck, of course luck will get you nothing on this island. One of you will earn your existence here, and in doing so condemn yourself to an eternity spent in hell, hahaha!"


29 TWOites remaining

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It turns out that the person killed wasn't Colin. Colin was away closing a business deal at that time. It appears to be Bernie, the perinial stand in, who was killed. I never liked Bernie anyway, he doesn't add much or voice his opinions.


Colin, you're fired.

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Day 1 Hour 0000 - 0100


With Kam gone the two guards stood in silence simply looking at an electronic board scrolling through a list of name's and numbers. It read......


1. The Wolverine

2. Darkstar

3. Saracen

4. MachoMat

5. Russ

6. Chris2k

7. WelshScouser

8. The Maxx

9. Alan JP

10. Jack

11. The Crippler


13. Miss T

14. A.C.

15. Simon

16. Draven

17. Cactus Jack

18. Jayden

19. Spiritchaser

20. Fagan 316

21. Spiral Tap

22. Christof

23. Walshy

24. f2k Fletcher

25. krisbaillie

26. Nicole

27. eyes adrift

28. Robert Gringo

29. Popsi


The gaze of the guard's turned to the man with a number one on the back of his jumpsuit, the man known as the Wolverine. Sure he noticed their eyes looking in his direction but right now he didn't care. This was ridiculous he was too good for crap like this. One of the guard's motioned for him to come forward but he was taking his time. What could they do, shoot him? He was as good as dead anyway. The Wolverine stood up and made his way over to the pile of kitbags before pausing. The guard's motioned with their guns for him to hurry up as he picked a bag which in his mind was heavy enough to contain a useful weapon. In an instant he was out of the door and running. He had seen the read out on the board and knew that in just four minutes Saracen would be coming out of that door and wanting blood. If there was one person on this island he wanted no part of it was the big man.


The readout on the electronic board changed, simply showing...


1.58 Darkstar


as the timer began to tick down. Darkstar and Saracen both left the room when their turns came but MachoMat was nowhere near as keen to get out into this hellhole of an island. There was no way he was getting involved in this game, he loved life, he valued life, he cared about it with all his heart, he could not bring himself to kill anyone else and he knew it even if it endangered his own life. He stepped up the kitbags.... "I don't want one, I'm not playing this game". The guard's just raised their guns before slowly lowering them again ushering him out of the door. MachoMat was either incredibly brave, or incredibly stupid. He had ventured into the unknown with no map, no weapon and no water. 48 hours? He'd be lucky to last 48 minutes.




Russ, Chris2k, Welshscouser, The Maxx all stepped out of the room. Popsi had sat and watched them all go and she knew she still had to sit and watch more get up and leave, a hell of a lot more. She already had blood and frontal lobe splattered over her side from Colin's departure earlier on but she daren't ask to get it off. She was feeling nauseous and fragile as the metal collar felt uncomfortably tight around her thin neck. She knew her time would come and despite knowing she was walking into hell she welcomed the chance to get out of this claustrophobic environment and get some air.




One by one they left the room and began their journey of desperate survival but for some it had already begun. Knowing he had a headstart on the rest of the group the Wolverine had taken a brief pause to look at the map in his kitbag and check what weapon he had been given. A sledgehammer? A freaking sledgehammer? What sort of use was that going to be here? He was in trouble and he knew it. The map had given him hope though, it detailed 8 zones and the furthest away was smiply labelled "residential area". Residential area? As in, buildings? Houses? Perhaps he could find something more useful there. One thing was for sure though, he needed to keep moving and keep his advantage. The night was beginning to turn cold and his eyes were only just beginning to adjust to the pitch black surroundings.




Popsi had finally seen Robert Gringo leave the room before her. Suddenly she wished every one of the 28 other players back. She felt on edge in this room alone with the guards and has spent the last minute and fifty seconds looking everywhere but at them. She looked up at the display on the wall and knew it was her time. Popsi got up off the floor, picking up the one last remaining kitbag and stepping out into the night....


29 TWOites remaining

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Day 1 Hour 0100 - 0200


He'd seen nobody, barely heard a sound since he left the confines of the guarded room. Cactus Jack was confused. He so much wanted to believe in humanity, to believe that if he came across someone right now they would show the compassion to mirror that inside himself. For Cactus Jack there would be no killing. Right now he felt like he could walk for days and never see a soul, in a strange way the island seemed almost peaceful with the glow of the moon in the perfectly clear night sky. He was however becoming thirsty and reached into his huge kitbag for the first time. He pulled out the map, and one of two flask's of water. As he did so he felt something else fall from the bag onto the ground. Cactus reached down, running his hands over the dry ground before feeling something small and solid. He picked it up, his eyes straining to see it in the dark night as he held it up to his face. He realised it was a lighter. Was that his weapon? He reached inside the bag once more but found nothing more than another flask of water. He looked at the map, having no idea where he was or which zone he was in as he knelt down to catch a breath and sip from his flask. Cactus was in some strange way relieved to find no brutal weapon in his kitbag, for that would only have forced upon him the reality of his plight. No, he was content right now, happy to go on ignoring where he was, until a shuffle in the grass behind him spun him round anxious and affraid....




The Wolverine had been the first man to make it to the Residential Area, at least he hoped so. He found just one simple building when he got there. It looked like an abandoned old house from the outside, the sort of place he would never venture inside when he was back home. Here things were different though, he had no choice but to push on inside. This sledgehammer was proving cumbersome and inevitably useless once he came across someone weilding a gun. The Wolverine took one quick glance behind him, as if he was too scared to take a proper look for fear of seeing something there, before opening the front door of the building. As he stepped inside he soon realised there wuold be nothing of use to him here. Vines and foliage grew all through the building and nobody could have lived there any time recently. He began to feel as if he was not alone, was there somebody in the building with him? Before he could question his own senses he was forced up against the wall, a hand being put over his mouth as a voice whispered to him....


"Don't say a word, I think we're being followed. Look, we may not have much time right now but we'll be stronger if we can stick together. 29 people trying to stand alone can only die. Those that can stick together have a chance in here"


The Wolverine soon realised it was Darkstar as he was slowly released from the grip and the hand was pulled away from his mouth.


"well? what do you say?"


The Wolverine simply nodded seemingly shaken by being startled by Darkstar. A roar from outside the building proved Darkstar right, they were being followed and hearing that sickening shreaking roar he knew exactly who had followed them.




Nicole was barely 10 minutes out of the room when she heard a soft voice calling her name. Her eyes were still adjusting to the dark and she could barely see but she knew she recognised the voice. That Belgian twang, it must be Simon. She felt uneasy as he approached. He had left the room a good 20 minutes before she had so why was he still in this area? What had he waited for.


"Nicole, Nicole, I waited for you. I, I need a companion on this island and the truth is, well, I figured maybe you did too."


Simon took another step closer, Nicole immediately stepping further back unsure of his intentions.


"Why should I trust you? Why should I trust anyone on this island?"


Simon held out his hand and told Nicole to take what he was holding out. It was only once she had nervously snatched it away that she realised that he had just given her a can of pepper spray. He had given her his weapon. Nicole stepped closer to him and they embraced. Simon had a contented smile on his face as they held each other. Nicole's face also beheld a smile but little could Simon see the sinister undertone splashed over her face.




Christof had been hacking his way through thick jungle for what seemed like an eternity. He didn't have the guts to stop for breath as he knew full well he had been followed ever since he left the guarded room. He had tried to buy time and think of a plan but he'd come up with nothing. He had a large Gold sable berretta in his kitbag. He was overjoyed when he checked his kit on leaving the room but now he regretted putting the gun back into the bag. Christof knew that any attempt to pull it out now could spur his pursuant into an attack. What if they too had a gun? They could shoot him before he got anywhere near pulling the gun out of the bag. He heard footsteps behind him quicken as he tried to speed his own to match them. If he turned round it would most certainly force an attack from his follower but now it seemed it was too late to avoid the inevitable. Christof stopped in his tracks, spinning round and making an attempt to reach for the gun. As he did so he saw a small female charging towards him holding a black object in her hand. He didn't have time to make out what it was as the object crashed into his face cracking the bridge of his nose in two as blood began to pour from his nostrils. Christof threw his arms up to defend himself but heard a gunshot before him. The pain took just moments to set in as he crashed to the floor, his left foot spurting thick crimson blood having been shot. Christof turned his head as best he could to look up at his assailant. The last thing he would see was Miss T pointing a pistol into his eyes as he trembled in fear knowing that his end was.....BANG!


28 TWOites remaining

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It turns out that the person killed wasn't Colin. Colin was away closing a business deal at that time. It appears to be Bernie, the perinial stand in, who was killed. I never liked Bernie anyway, he doesn't add much or voice his opinions.


Colin, you're fired.


Poor Bernie and his non distinct characteristics

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Christof.....Christof follow the green light until you see a purple one the go left towards to barley fields, across from them you should be able to pick out the large pond with the Giant Koi Carp peering from it......got it, yeah, ask it the way to Bresol, it will most likely tell you to climb the oldest tree in the woods and then you should see a giant prism like a crystal pyramid off in the distance head toward there and the tree spirits should help you to your final resting place.

Once there you should be given a glass of fine Scrumpy and a toasted teacake accept these and put you feet up, you have a long time ahead of you.



Excellent story Jayden, quite splendid indeed.



Netherworld Guide.

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Day 1 Hour 0200 - 0300


Cactus Jack turned his body round affraid of what he might see however that fear would be short lived. On the floor in front of him crouching down was A.C. A.C. pulled his hands up over his face and screamed out


"p-p-pwease don't hurt me, don't k-kill me" as he started to sob. Was this for real? Cactus had never seen anyone affraid of him like this before, nor had he wanted to. Cactus stepped over to him slowly and knelt down in front of him.


"Hey, A.C., relax. Please, I don't want to hurt you, I don't want to hurt anyone on this island. I'm not playing the game. Look, what did you get in your bag?"


A.C. handed over his kitbag as it appeared this was the first time it had been opened. Cactus Jack found a map, two bottles of water and a chainmail vest. Well, between the pair of them they had a lighted and some chainmail. Not exactly the way to go killing people but killing was far from Cactus Jack's mind. As for A.C. well, it was apparent there would be no killing for him on this island either. Cactus told A.C. to put the chainmail on, pushing down over his cautious head until he was wearing it over his jumpsuit. It may not be much but any protection was good protection right now. A.C. began to seem more relaxed as Cactus Jack passed him a bottle of water and took one for himself.




The roar became nearer and more animalistic with every breath. Darkstar and the Wolverine wanted no part of the beast outside the battered building, they wanted no part of Saracen. Wolverine began to panic, asking Darkstar what they were going to do but all he got in response was Darkstar putting his hand over his mouth once more. Any noise would surely bring the manbeast inside the building, if of course he hadn't already seen them through the window. And as if at once the deep bellowing stopped. Wolverine looked up at Darkstar but once again was pushed back against the wall and silenced before he could open his mouth. They were being stalked and if the Wolverine's panic showed no sense of realisation Darkstar knew all too well what was happening. The dark silence was only broken by the ferocious thump of the Wolverine's heartbeat. At least it was until what sounded like an air raid siren began to blare, ringing out just twice across the island before a familiar voice could be heard laughing.


"I trust you are all enjoying your stay on the island. We have out first kill, TWOite number 22 Christof has been terminated. It's almost time for the first danger zone to go live. In just 5 minutes zone 8 will become live for 10 minutes. Anyone inside it during that time will die instantly"


They were being stalked by a monster, and if they didn't get out of this zone in the next 5 minutes they would be losing their heads. Would Saracen even care about getting out of the zone? Before Darkstar had a chance to ponder the thought he and the Wolverine jumped to life as a window smashed behind them at the back of the house and the chilling roar could be heard once more.




A stun gun, a freaking stun gun. That's all that f2k had found in his kitbag. He had no idea what weapons the other people on this island had been given but he could bet that there were people out there with something far deadlier. He had considered heading for the residential area when he first left the room but figured that too many others would have the same idea. Right now all f2k wanted was to be left alone. Where most had headed North he had headed West and was beginning to think he'd made the right decision. The large hole in the short rockface he'd stepped uneasily through had become his solstice. He knew he was alone in this cave, bar the odd rat that he could feel beneath his feet scurrying about. Right now a rat seemed a far better alternative than a gun wielding killer. Had people even turned into killers? The same people he had shared so much with on TWO, so many personal moments, so much history. Could they really be turned into merciless killers at the flick of a switch? One thing he did know right now was that if anyone stepped into the cave they were going to feel volt after volt of pulsing electricity singeing their skin and sending waves of crippling pain through their body.




MachoMat sat cross legged horrified at what he had just heard, knowing that the killing had started. What atrocity had just befallen Christof? He tried not to think about it but his mind was on nothing else. In fact his concentration had been so acute that he'd not noticed until now the footsteps walking towards him. MachoMat climbed to his feet at once peering out into the night to see who was coming towards him. Would they want his blood? He knew he couldn't fight, he wouldn't fight no matter what came at him. A voice called out and he soon realised it was Russ who was carrying a rather large Rambo style combat knife in his hand..


"Haha, finally Russ sees someone else on this God awful island. What was that crazyness you pulled back there. Not taking a kitbag? You won't last more than a couple of hours out here."


MachoMat wondered whether he could reason with the Scottish charisma ball


"Russ, good to see you man. Listen I've been thinking. There's got to be another way, a way we can all get off this island without the killing. One man has already lost his life but we can make a difference, you can make a difference. If we can just round up the others before anyone else does something they'll regret we can do this."


Russ looked at MachoMat confused, as if he had just been told that chorizzo sausage and mozzarella on freshly stonebaked ciabatta was revolting.


"Make a difference? Russ thinks you've lost your mind. Russ thinks that you're the craziest son of a gun on this island. You want to stand by the side of Russ? You're just lucky I don't want to dirty my hands right now by kiling you. Russ will see you around MachoMat, if you last long enough."


Russ turned and walked on singing quietly to himself "and now, the end is near......."


28 TWOites remaining

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