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Watching Wrestling Online


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Ok so I lasted what, 3 weeks out here and I need my wrestling fix.


I've been able to watch the Bagpipe Report every week thanks to it being on the site (something which I think they will probably end up stopping one day) but I haven't really tried watching any actual wrestling on the net so far.


See I have broadband in my room over here because all students over here seem to get it as part of their rent package which is absolutely brilliant. Problem is there's a nice big firewall there which stops me from doing some things...


I know a number of people on the forums here do it so I was just trying to find out a way of seeing wrestling... ANY wrestling (apart from GAEA, UK stuff or CMLL.. or midget wrestling before you even think about going there.. ok so maybe not ANY wrestling) on the net...


I can't use stuff like Win MX or Kazaa to download stuff since its blocked by this firewall but if there's a site with some streaming wrestling videos or even downloadable ones I'd be very happy if someone would tell me where I can watch some wrasslin.


Maybe not when the work gets started, but finding something to watch before going to sleep can be quite boring at times... One night I'm ashamed to say I watched 30 minutes of the Bradshaw v Foley debate. AWFUL.


Any suggestions? Or am I living in another world?

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probably won't be up on those sites til abotu 8 hours or so afterwards, so you probably won't get to see it live on there. they are usually dead quick in getting the shows up though.


for instance TNA Impact, and the old weekly ppv's I would usually have them downloaded the following day from when they were on.

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