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FOR SALE: Wrestling Toy Figures, Magazines, and Videos

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Hi everyone,


I have old and new wrestling figures for sale:





I have wrestling magazines for sale:





I have wrestling videos for sale:






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Here is a reply I got from this twat:


Listen u jerkoff. I don't even go through those magzines because there not mine originally. If u even attempt to screw around with my site i'll make sure it will be the last site you screw with. It's not my fault you like to sit around and jerkoff to wrestling magzines and get your jolly's on mate. All you people from the United Kingdom are the same a bunch of of crybabies when things don't go your own way. I took care of my problem with you people since your the only ones who complain I've banned sales to The United Kingdom on my site. I suggest u guys don't buy from america anymore since you all complain about it and stick with buying shit in your own country. I was gonna send your money back and be a good sport about it but since u did what did (u know what it was) then i don't want to deal with you. Good day sunshine.




Nice to see customer service is going strong there! lol Way to go dude, your awesome! Oh, and incase anybody is wondering what it is that I did, I reported him to PayPal for not giving me a refund, isnt that terrible? I know, I am the bad guy, I should have just let him rip me off and smile...lol, prat.

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wow that guy surly sucks ass.he deserves to be closed for that statement.but looks like he may lose out on some profit now.


but hey don't fell bad about reporting ppl to paypal.i sold a guy 1 of my items and it never got to him since the ****ing mail lost it and he reported me but i took care of it like a good person and not cussing him out and not giving a refund back to him.

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We sell all good items the bidder was just being a baby, and later appologized for blackmailing me for not wanting to sell him WrestleMania V on Vhs. So I sold it to him finally. Talk about a hardcore fan.


We do ship to england, buy with confidence.

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