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TWO Awards 2004 - Thread Suggestions?


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[thread=12997]Regeneration X [/thread]

Not the best thread, but definatley the most contraversial ( damn this not being able to spell thing )!




[thread=12989] The Regeneration will not be Televised[/thread]

The first of the hated RX threads........



Please no one flame me for this, in fact Id best run away! *runs and hides*

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Ditto Christof.

I also loved the Taker Vs Vader thread that Gringo, Beltmark and myself spent hours arguing over.

Some classics there though Kam.

And yeah have to agree with DS the RX threads caused the most controversy.

And what about my Fact or Fantasy Thread....no?





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Pube shaving thread, definately.

Ask Bob Greenberg was good for a laugh.


Hogan or Stone Cold was good and also I love (or hate) hHh.


Hey where's the thread about The Hurricane? About him resembling the hamburgler?

worship that thread.

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The Next Biggest Thing thread was filled with some great posts on the subject of WWE's newest talent and also other subjects.

This thread actually won thread of the week a couple of months back.

I forgot who's it was...Ok it was mine but I remember it being rather good.




The best pages are page 3 and page 4 by the way. Don't just read page 1 and think it's not as good as I made it out to be. ;)

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