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New(ish) UK wrestling Channel

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The following comes from TheWrestlingChannel.tv forums, direct out of the mouth of the channel’s head in command, Sean Herbert:


Launch Date: October 25th

Channel Name: TWC Reloaded

Broadcast Hours: 6am - 5:30am

EPG Number (sky only): 428


This channel will feature a lot of fast-paced, hard-hitting wrestling action from the wrestling channel library. It will give people an opportunity to catch any shows they missed since the TWC launch last March 15th, plus the whole feel of the channel will be a lot more "action" orientated. (No shoot interviews or slower matches/promotions). We will be experimenting with new shows and formats without disrupting our regular TWC schedule.


We will be trying out interactive SMS wrestling games (trivia, etc) during selected programmes. We are also on the lookout to add some MMA to the programme line-up.


Xposed TV (similar to Bang Babes) will commence at 10pm every night, and Teleshopping will be scattered throughout the day.


-- In addition to this, Blake Norton (host of The Wrestling Channel’s news show The Bagpipe Report) is staying in England, contrary to rumors circulating otherwise. He will therefore remain as the host of the show. Next week’s episode features the second part of the Colt Cabana in-studio interview. More information can be found on the official website.


-- And finally, IPW:UK have announced on their website that their next show will be held on November 21st, 2004, in the same venue as last time (Orpington Halls, Kent) in South East England. To clarify, this is the UK leg of the tour on which former CZW star ‘Sick’ Nick Mondo is coming out of retirement for. More information can be found on the official website.

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