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Raw 2 rip off of http rip off of HBK 5000's idea.

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Sorry Guys but I liked the idea so much I am also going to do one this time for Raw 2.


Unlike the other games Divas can win just as easily is this game so will be included.


As usual you get Two picks.


Here for those of you that don't have X-Box, or don't have the game are the wrestlers in the game.



Big Show Billy Gunn

Billy Kidman

Booker T


Brock Lesnar

Bubba Dudley

Chavo Guerrero

Chris Benoit

Chris Jericho

Chris Nowinski


Chuck Palumbo


D-Von Dudley

Eddie Guerrero




Hardcore Holly

Hulk Hogan



Jamie Noble


John Cena


Kevin Nash

Kurt Angle

Lance Storm


Mark Henry

Matt Hardy

Molly Holly


Randy Orton

Rey Mysterio


Ric Flair



Rob Van Dam

Scott Steiner

Shannon Moore

Shawn Michaels

Spike Dudley

Stacy Keibler

Stephanie McMahon

Steve Austin

Stevie Richards




The Rock

Tommy Dreamer

Torrie Wilson

Triple H

Trish Stratus


Val Venis


William Regal


Ok so thats Goldberg ,Bradshawberg, Hulk, Angle, Rock, RVD, Showberg & Taker

I Am Picking Trish Stratus & Randy Orton to make it easier wrestlers picked will have underline & colour in their name.

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Kurtmark (me) Trish Stratus & Randy Orton


Darkstar Benoit & Steve austin


Venture Brockberg & Shawn


Jayden Goldberg-berg & Bradshawberg


wyndorf Hulk & Angle


F2K Rock & RVD


The Body Showberg & Taker


Living Legend HHH (who will win lol) & Jericho


That makes 8 entrants with 16 picks so 8 morew entrants & the tourney can start.

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The game is now closed we have all the entrantrs we need. But would the following please pick a new entrant before the game can commence.


randy orton is unavailable as he was picked.


These are the brackets picked out of a hat game will commence when said change is made.

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Round one (Set up so nobody has their 2 own characters facing off.)


Goldberg (Jayden) VS Ric Flair (Jack)


RVD (F2K) VS Kevin Nash (TGO)


Christian (Boyo) VS Rock (F2K)


Trish Stratus (Kurtmark) VS Undertaker (The Body)


Kurt Angle (Wyndorf) VS Kane (Maxx)


Spike Dudley (Martin) VS HHH (Living Legend)


Stone Cold (Darkstar) VS Shawn Micheals (Venture)


Randy Orton (Kurtmark) VS Booker T (Fagan)


Chuck Palumbo (Martin) VS Tommy Dreamer (Voice Of Reason)


Chris Benoit (Darkstar) VS Bradshaw (Jayden)


Rey Mesterio (Rey Mesterio) VS Brock Lesner (Venture)


Chavo Guerrero (Boyo) VS Dave Batista (Jack)


Matt Hardy (Rey Mesterio) Vs Hulk Hogan (Wyndorf)


Chris Jericho (Living Legend) VS John Cena (Fagan)


Rhyno (Maxx) VS Bubba Dudley (TGO)


Eddie Guerrero (Voice of Reason) VS Big Show (The Body)

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