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UWL results - Hitting Hard


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At the beginning of the night, X-Saviour, accompanied by the rest of XDW made his way to the ring to declare that the announcement of Samhain – owner of SCW – as the new UWL comissioner would not deter them in their efforts to destroy Honey Ryder. Jimmy Infinity, then took the mike to state that he had no intention of going ahead with his booked match against Samhain that night, as it was a last minute change to his scheduled match, and that Samhain was an unfit opponent.




Samhain then made his way to the ring. He stated that he was there to do a job, to eliminate the continued threat of XDW, and to help his friend Honey Ryder. He told XDW that he would make sure that they would not continue to create problems for UWL – or any of the other wrestlers involved with the company. Clearly unhappy with this XDW left the ringside area and went backstage, with Samhain following them.




Match 1


The Judge v BB Steele v Spatch triple threat elimination


Spatch eliminated by The Judge, BB Steel Pinned the Judge for the victory.




Match 2


Retribution v Stevens Brothers (XDW) – tag team match


Stevens Brothers defeated Retribution




Match 3


Ace Anderson (XDW) v D-Mon Gonzales


Ace Anderson defeated D-Mon Gonzales




Match 4


Samhain v Jimmy Infinity (XDW)


Jimmy Infinity defeated Samhain.


At the end of the match Jimmy Infinity accompanied by XDW owner X-saviour took the mike and proceeded to taunt Samhain, telling him that he was a joke as acomissioner and that he should leave UWL whilst he could still walk away. As XDW walked away from the ring, Samhain then took the mike and told them that this was only the beginning , that he would stay with UWL until XDW were destroyed, and that when UWL returned in 2005, he would be there with his guys from SCW as back up.




Match 5


Shabazz (submission champion) v The Pigman Andy Hogg UWL Sumbission title match


Pigman Andy Hogg defeated Shabazz and becomes the new submission champion.




Match 6


MTX (UWL champion) v Jonny Pesci


MTX defeated Jonny Pesci to retaint he UWL championship




Match 7


UWL Rumble for number 1 contendership


Winner Bull Harley (of Retribution). Bull Harley will face MTX for the title at the next UWL show.




UWL management would like to thank all of WAR, ACW, BRAWL and especially SCW for their help and support at Hittign Hard. We would also like to thank the commentary team Honey Ryder & Falcon, the Ring Announcer Vicky and the rest of the event support staff. As already stated this was UWLs last show of 2004 – but we will be back in 2005!

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