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***Official Smackdown Thread - 14th October 2004***


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Oct. 14, 2004


JBL has had enormous success defending his WWE Championship in the United States.


But how will he fare overseas?


We shall find out this week as SmackDown! invades Manchester, England, highlighted by a must-see main event.


JBL, who probably isn’t even fully recovered from his No Mercy battle with the Undertaker, will take on Hardcore Holly in a Hardcore Rules Match for the WWE Championship, per orders of General Manager Theodore Long.


Also, will there be any further developments regarding Undertaker, Heidenreich or new United States Champion Carlito Caribbean Cool?


Don’t miss this historic SmackDown! from across the pond Thursday on UPN (8/7 CT).

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Come on the technical grace of Hardcore Holly and JBL, coupled with a possible appearance by the most exciting talent in wrestling history Orlando Jordan, how can you be disappointed. This is a ***** classic in the making. A true way to mark the great event that is the second of the flagship shows Smackdown, and something to live on in the memories.


Have fun Boyo.

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Sorry I don't know if this has anything to do with this weeks Smackdown or not but I've just watched No Mercy in its entirety (couldn't think of anywhere better to post this) and I have come to the conclusion that Kenzo Suzuki is one of the poorest Japanese wrestlers I have ever seen.


Now thanks to the Wrestling Channel I've seen enough Japanese wrestlers to know that even the undercard stars over there are generally better than this muppet, so why the HELL did the WWE sign this guy? He is completely useless.


I actually believe I'd enjoy any other Japanese wrestler using this gimmick.


Can I also just add that it seems Smackdown has swapped positions with Raw these days, now its Smackdown which has the more exciting undercard and the awful main event scene.


But I'm sure since Smackdown was in England this week that it was "brilliant" :P

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Ohhhh Martin' date=' u did an unannounced spoiler, if i cared i would so report u.[/quote']


Ha ha WWE editers got you there! Turns out Martin didn't do spoiler as the undertaker was completely editted out. That explains why it was such a squash match, I thought that that was a particularly quick fued if it had ended this week.

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Fantastic ending of the battle royal between Rey and Kurt totally had me on the edge of my seat.


I preferred Smackdown to raw, i did have better seats for tuesday night and i was sat next to a really nice guy.


Also i want to put out a plea to a really good looking girl who i was stood near outside near the mcdonalds, She was wearing a "you can't see me" T-shirt and carrying a "i love shopping" handbag she was sat in block 112 and the tv crew asked to interview her, but she declined. Unfortunatly she had a boyfriend but he was a bit of a chav.

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