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non-wrestling items for sale


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i have loads of non wrestling items for sale as well so if u r interested in any of the below email me at sebaveron042003@yahoo.co.uk with an offer

everything is official, nothing copied and they r all in mint condition




Halloween 4

Halloween 3

halloween / halloween 2 [double set]

Kick Boxer


End of Days





dr. dre -the chronicle

snoop dogg - tha dogg

2pac - the prophet

the Friday soundtrack [inludes tracks from dr. dre, ice cube, cypress hill etc.]

dr. dre -the chronic [censored version]

dr. dre - the classic collection

dr. dre and friends




i have the goosebumps books so if u used to collect these and r missing a few email a list cos there r too many books for me to name here


i will add alot more thing to this list at a later date but see how these things go for now



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