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Wrestling items for sale


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i am selling quite a few wrestling items, i am not gonna price them so if u r interested just email me at sebaveron042003@yahoo.co.uk with an offer


i have the following


WWF/WWE magazines [ranging from january 1997 till september 2001]

[u can buy single magazines or in bulk]


Special edition magazines from WWE Divas and also a very special magazine dedicated to The rock from 2002]


mick Foley autobiography [the first one he released][hardback cover]


WWe wrestling figures from 1991,1992 [made by hasbro] these include superstars such as the mountie, The berzerker, nailz, kamala etc.]


WWE titantron including with are figures [Vince mcmahon and chris jericho]


a WWE yoyo of Edge


WWF/WWE computer games [War Zone, attitude and wrestlemania 2000 for N64 and WWE Smackdown 2 for Playstation]


WWe comic book of The Undertaker [this is a very rare piece now, very collectable]


WWE cds [volume 4, aggresion and WWE anthology]


WWE and WCW board games [these r quite old now, i got them back in about 1991 and both r in great condition]


i also have official WWF/WWE videos and dvds for sale which u can find a seperate thread just below this one


so email me when u read this with what u r intersted in or if u want information on any of these products



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